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Apps for eLearning have gained enormous popularity due to the continuously growing demand for on-demand apps, especially in the education sector. The educational landscape is quickly moving toward an online learning framework. To keep ahead of the many new competitors entering the market, there is a clear need for efficient e-Learning app development services.

We assist Startups in the education sector in becoming market-ready as quickly as possible. The education sector is moving toward a digital revolution to provide future generations with an enhanced learning experience. With years of experience developing e-learning & mobile educational apps, Suma Soft is a trusted app development company. Unleash the full potential of e-learning with our feature-rich and cutting-edge e-learning app development services

At Suma Soft, we offer customized eLearning solutions to help businesses and educational institutions thrive. Connect with our professionals for e-learning app development and join the transformation!

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Some Important e-Learning Stats

E-Learning App Development Services We Offer

On-Demand E-Learning App

Our e-Learning development services facilitate access to knowledge-based content in real-time, wherever you are, whenever you want, and at your speed. We help you create your fully customized white-Label educational App to support eLearning anywhere.

Learning Management Systems

We are an LMS development company that offers cutting-edge eLearning solutions to give educational organizations a smooth learning curve. We develop customized Moodle-based LMS for businesses, training centers, and educational institutions. Our e-Learning LMS solutions have gained industry-wide recognition for being scalable, adaptable, and versatile.

Adaptive Learning App

We develop e-Learning Apps incorporating Adaptive Learning, which focuses on how people learn. Our Adaptive E-Learning app development methodology increases faculty-student interaction for more productive learning & overall better results. Our e-Learning App development solutions focus on smartly utilizing the large amount of data collected during knowledge impartation, interaction, and assessment. Our e-Learning apps help teachers gain actionable insights on “What to Teach” and “How to Teach” to individual pupils.

Mobile Learning

Virtual learning becomes quick and convenient by incorporating smartphones in content delivery. We leverage immediate content, feedback, and tip sharing by educational institutions to make learning simple and affordable. Suma Soft is an expert at creating unique mobile-based learning solutions for diverse businesses & educational institutions.

Learning Content Management System – LCMS

We create specialized Learning Content Management Systems [LCMS] as a one-stop shop for business e-learning. The experts at Suma Soft will assist you in setting up a robust learning management system for your Organization to expedite the creation, organized storage, and accelerate distribution of various information formats.

eLearning for impaired Students

e-Learning apps offer freedom and flexibility to students with disabilities. e-Learning has evolved to meet the challenges faced by people with disabilities and has enabled them to learn at their pace.

Domain Specific e-Learning Apps

Custom e-Learning App for Tutors

Get a customized e-Learning mobile app to take your coaching business online with live or recorded classes. Give your students access to the study materials at any time and location, including notes, lectures, lesson summaries, and more. Online tutoring platforms aim to link students with private instructors and support their ongoing connection by handling things like scheduling classes, collecting payments, monitoring attendance, assigning homework, etc.

Virtual Classroom App

Feature-rich e-Learning app recreates in-person classroom experience. Our e-Learning App developers can add advanced features like one-to-one interaction between the Teacher and student, group discussion, chat, file sharing, screen sharing, etc.

Custom e-Learning Apps for Schools & Colleges

Our developers are proficient in building algorithm-based eLearning apps laden with advanced features. Our e-Learner app developers focus on integrating features and layouts that keep children interested and engaged with the App. Our developers are adept with the children’s interests and behavior, which helps them make the App more productive.

Student Facing e-Learning App

Our approach to developing e-Learning apps ensures the user experience is exciting and not distracting or intrusive. Educational institutions can prepare quizzes, online tests, interviews, etc., using exam preparation eLearning apps developed by our engineers. Our eLearning Apps have inbuilt features like timetables, flashcards, reports, payment, set reminders, progress charts, parental control, exam calendar, chat, search, etc. Group discussion is an excellent way of learning. Our e-Learning app developers can add the requisite module to the learning solution.

Moodle Development

Universities, colleges, and organizations worldwide use Moodle as an open-source, online learning platform. It provides course management, discussion boards, quizzes, surveys, and grade books to assist educators in developing practical online courses.

e-Learning Apps for Organizations

We develop e-Learning apps and LMS for Organizations to train and educate their employees to improve employee engagement, retention, and loyalty. Our e-Learning Development supports all forms of learning within the Organization, including marketing support, customer relationship training, leadership development, technical training, IT skills training, onboarding support, soft skills development, and frontline employee training.

Upgrading Existing App

We can upgrade your existing e-Learning Apps by incorporating advanced technologies like AI, Big Data & IoT. In terms of functionalities, it means the addition of features like chatbots, intuitive reporting on the performance of the students, automatic grading and assessment, scheduling,

Our E-Learning App Development USPs

Futuristic e-Learning App Development

We help students study better through our intelligent e-learning application. Our e-learning app developers leverage the latest technologies like IoT, AI, ML, AR, and VR to make students’ education systems SMART, Intelligent & Interactive.

Personalized Learning Experience

At Suma Soft, e-Learning is not just about watching videos or podcasts. Hence we develop e-Learning Apps that provide personalized learning experiences to the end user. Our developers focus on customizing the curriculum, assessment, instructions, and learning environment to suit the learning way of the individual user.

IoT in e-Learning

e-learning is now available in more locations and formats thanks to IoT. An IoT-enabled e-learning system measures students’ engagement and focuses throughout online lectures. Besides, IoT facilitates faster streaming of videos and data. IoT enables the adaptation of learning to the changing lifestyles of learners.

AI in e-Learning

AI is making e-Learning intelligent and smart; AI has “personalized” e-learning, resulting in more student success. Based on the student’s performance, artificial intelligence develops a unique curriculum for each learner based on what the student knows and doesn’t know.

Big Data

Incorporating Big Data in e-Learning App Development helps identify knowledge inconsistencies within an Organization with pragmatic intelligence. Big Data also helps determine ideal techniques for facilitating learning activities for individuals and groups and draws attention to the positive and negative aspects of an organization’s learning plan. Additionally, discover how to tailor a learning path to enhance the outcomes and learner experience.


Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality are revolutionizing how e-Learning apps deliver content. AR & VR technologies provide learners with an immersive and engaging e-learning experience. VR & AR help e-learners understand complex concepts with relative ease.


We can add a Screencast feature to your e-Learning app, giving students a rich audio-visual learning environment for 24/7 self-study. The Screencast is an excellent e-learning app feature that students can always refer to while learning at their own pace. The video in the ScreencastScreencast can be paused and replayed at the student’s convenience.

e-Learning App UI/UX

We understand the value of UI & UX in e-Learning. We aim to leverage our UI/UX expertise to maintain unobstructed motivational learning. Hence our designers consider various parameters such as learner’s behavior, needs, challenges, learning environment, learning journey, etc. when designing the UI/UX of the e-Learning App. UX is involved at every step of the e-Learning app development process. Some essential aspects that are thoroughly deliberated are – Consistent Navigation & Layout, Easy Accessibility, Segmentation & Proximity, Content Sequence, etc.

e-Learning Integration

Our e-Learning App Development team can integrate the App with your CRM and ERP. Integrating the e-Learning app with the Organization’s other CRM & ERP systems ensures data is shared between the systems, resulting in increased automation and integrated reporting scope.

Modules in the e-Learning App

Progress Tracking

Tests and progress reports are essential features of the e-Learning Apps we develop. Progress reports maintain interest, help students track progress, and modify the curriculum accordingly.

Push Notifications

We use relevant & personalized Push Notifications in e-Learning apps to help motivate students and improve their engagement with the learning process. Push notification messages are triggered and delivered to a user’s device. Messages delivered through Push notifications include reminders, new content updates, marks, grades received, etc.


Tests are essential to learning, and the e-Learning Apps we develop have advanced test features. We can add quizzes and mock examinations to the e-Learning App per your requirement. Students can test their knowledge this way and determine which subjects, chapters, or themes require additional attention.

In-App Messaging

They reduce the distance between teachers and students and simplify the process of online learning in the same way that physical classrooms do. in-app purchases.

Content Types

e-Learning apps support all types of content, with some vital being – audio video streaming, presentation slides, articles, infographics & illustrations, spreadsheets, webinars, podcasts, e-books, etc.

In-App Purchases

Our developers can incorporate In-App purchasing modules in the e-Learning App. According to one study, approximately 50% of mobile app revenue comes from in-app purchases.

Offline Learning

Remote learning has impacted every age group, particularly in the last two years. Technology is transforming education to its core, allowing more people to access learning resources remotely. The penetration of smartphones and the digital revolution in the education sector has created a phenomenal demand for mobile-based e-learning apps. Suma Soft is a market leader in developing mobile-based e-Learning Apps.

e-Learning App Development Process at Suma Soft


Based on the information provided by clients regarding the project ideas, deliverables, and ultimate intended outcome, a comprehensive roadmap for developing eLearning apps is set forth. In this phase of e-Learning App development, our engineers define the project’s scope. Project delivery managers identify the technologies needed for the App development and consolidate the requisite resources & skill sets.


The success of any eLearning app dramatically depends on the ease of use and user experience. Our designers brainstorm on the App’s various UI/UX aspects, including wireframes, layouts, designs, style & color themes, etc. The aim is to make the App easy to navigate, efficient & convenient.


Based on the information provided by clients regarding the project ideas, deliverables, and ultimate intended outcome, a comprehensive roadmap for developing eLearning apps is set forth. In this phase of e-Learning App development, our engineers define the project’s scope. Project delivery managers identify the technologies needed for the App development and consolidate the requisite resources & skill sets.

App Development

In this phase of e-Learning App development, the actual coding takes place using the AGILE methodology. Different resources work on the relevant aspects of the e-Learning app simultaneously. In this stage, our programmers develop and integrate various functionalities of the App.


The e-Learning App undergoes rigorous manual and automated testing to uncover bugs and fix security-related vulnerabilities.

App Deployment

The e-Learning app is now made available to the end-users who can download, install and start using the App.

Continued Maintenance & Support

We provide uninterrupted support & assistance to keep your App running smoothly and meet the end user’s growing demands. One aspect of the support is keeping your App safe from cyberattacks.

About Suma Soft

Suma Soft is a market leader in e-learning app development services, providing robust and feature-rich apps that offer an immersive learning experience. Our solutions are designed to be fast, reliable, and user-friendly, leveraging the latest technologies to make learning more accessible and flexible. Suma Soft’s experienced designers and developers work closely with clients to create engaging and interactive content aligned with their business objectives. We also provide support and maintenance services to ensure their e-learning apps remain up-to-date and function smoothly. We are a trusted partner for educational institutions and businesses looking to enhance their learning offerings.


Why go for custom e-Learning App development?

Custom e-Learning App Development offers many benefits over off-the-shelf apps, as mentioned below.

Unlike off-the-shelf e-Learning Apps, custom e-Learning apps are developed with a specific audience in mind and give users complete control over the App. Creating a custom e-learning app is a cost-effective solution as it involves only a one-time fee, whereas ready-made e-learning apps are based on a subscription model with long-term cost implications. In the case of off-the-shelf e-Learning Apps, the development company or the developer retains the App’s ownership. In the case of custom-developed e-learning apps, the client owns the App and the code. The most significant benefit of custom e-Learning apps is that they are highly customized to suit the end user’s specific requirements, which the ready-made App may need to improve.

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