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Our technology-driven Healthcare BPO services empower organizations to optimize operational efficiency, reduce overhead costs, drive superior patient outcomes, and foster revenue growth. Partner with us to unlock your organization’s full potential in delivering exceptional healthcare services.
Suma Soft’s Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing Services offer a strategic solution for vital healthcare administrative tasks. Our expertise encompasses Finance & Accounting, Custom Support, Data Management, Budget Review, Insurance verification, and more, unlocking substantial benefits for Healthcare providers. By leveraging our proficiency in managing diverse healthcare functions, including patient scheduling and revenue cycle management, hospitals achieve streamlined operations and accurate task execution.
Outsourcing Healthcare operations to Suma Soft yields remarkable cost savings as we handle administrative responsibilities, reducing labor, infrastructure, and technology expenses. With our extensive support and capacity to handle high work volumes, Healthcare providers experience improved turnaround time, elevating service quality and enabling exceptional patient care.

Healthcare Financial Clearance Audit

Healthcare Organizations can save up to 47% on labor and operational expenses, reduce treatment scheduling delays by 35% and achieve 99% accuracy by outsourcing Healthcare operations services to Suma Soft.
Suma Soft’s Healthcare BPO services excel in verifying Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance policies, coordinating with patients for coverage adequacy, and facilitating renewals. With dedicated teams focused on these verifications, our Healthcare BPO services enhance financial clearance turnaround time, providing swift patient assistance. Our proficient team takes care of issuing authorizations to Primary Care Providers, utilizing HDX for automatic eligibility verification, and validating information on platforms like Change Healthcare, NIA, Availity, Olive, AIM, and Evercore. We meticulously document evidence in our Healthcare Management System for seamless future reference. Entrusting critical Healthcare tasks to Suma Soft ensures timely treatment scheduling, streamlined operations, and exceptional patient care.

Healthcare Accounts Payable

Outsourcing Healthcare Account Payables enables organizations to achieve up to 43% cost savings, reducing processing time by up to 52%. It streamlines invoice processing and payment cycles, minimizes errors, and eliminates duplicate payments and discrepancies.
Within our Accounts Payable function, we provide comprehensive Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing services encompassing the following sub-functions:
Comprehensive Finance and Accounting
By entrusting these critical sub-functions to our Healthcare BPO team, organizations can experience streamlined operations, enhanced accuracy, and improved financial management.

Accounts Receivable

Leveraging Healthcare BPO services can yield a 15-20% increase in collection rates, ensuring prompt payment recovery. Outsourcing Accounts Receivable significantly reduces DAR by 20-30%, facilitating accelerated cash flow and enhanced financial stability. Suma Soft’s Healthcare BPO maintains accuracy, minimizing errors and discrepancies in managing Accounts Receivable.
The Accounts Receivable function is integral to the financial success of hospitals and healthcare setups. Timely reconciliation, reporting, and follow-ups for outstanding funds are critical due to the substantial costs involved. Our healthcare AR experts have extensive experience deriving accurate AR balances for Patient Accounts, Insurance Providers, and Pharma companies involved in Clinical Trials. We thoroughly review Unbilled Items, Billed Items, Advance Payments, and Deferred Revenue through meticulous Periodic Reconciliation, ensuring precise accounts receivable amount.
We excel in invoice preparation, creation, and submission of eCRFs (Electronic Case Report Forms) and proficiently handle fund application and other bookkeeping functions within the Accounts Receivable department.

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Budget Review for Clinical Trials

Outsourcing Healthcare operations can help Organizations achieve cost savings of up to 33% in budget review for clinical trials by optimizing resource allocation and identifying cost-effective strategies. It can reduce review time by 22-30%, allowing for faster trial initiation and implementation.
The revenue generated from Clinical Research activities holds significant importance for healthcare organizations. To ensure accurate calculation of estimated revenue for the financial year, it is crucial to prepare and maintain precise budgets for clinical trials, adhering to contractual terms with Sponsors and incorporating any contract amendments. Our team of healthcare experts comprises experienced analysts who specialize in budget preparation, making necessary corrections based on amendments, and conducting budget audits in accordance with contractual terms. With their expertise, we ensure the accuracy and integrity of clinical trial budgets, supporting healthcare organizations in optimizing their financial performance.

Healthcare Information Management

Healthcare BPO services in HIM deliver up to 34% cost savings, streamline data management, and reduce manual work. Outsourcing HIM cuts processing time by 21-43%, enabling faster data retrieval and storage. HIM-focused BPO services minimize errors and ensure compliance with regulations and data privacy standards.
The Healthcare Information Management (HIM) department ensures the proper documentation of all necessary data. This involves identifying document categories, bookmarking relevant documents, and accurately indexing and organizing them. The HIM department is also responsible for retrieving and sharing data when authorized parties submit a Request for Information (ROI). At Suma Soft, our HIM experts possess extensive proficiency in handling HIM functions, enabling us to efficiently fulfill client requests within specified timelines while maintaining the highest level of accuracy.

Pre-admission Patient Access Document Indexing

Experience up to 44% time reduction in pre-admission patient access through outsourced document indexing, enhancing processing speed and efficiency. Our Healthcare BPO services optimize resource allocation, streamline workflows, and minimize manual work, achieving up to 32% cost savings. With accuracy rates exceeding 95%, Suma Soft’s specialized Healthcare BPO Services maintain data integrity and minimize errors.
In enrolling new patients and preparing for their initial appointments, the hospital administration team is responsible for establishing patient records in the system and meticulously indexing all pertinent documents received before the visit. Suma Soft’s Healthcare BPO team of Patient Access Analysts, as part of our Healthcare BPO services, excels in indexing a wide range of documents, including pathology reports, radiology records, lab reports, clinical notes from PCPs, cardiology reports, and diagnosis details. Our analysts have proven expertise in working with various CRMs/systems associated with healthcare, such as Oncore, Cerner, Soarian, Change Healthcare, and Trace. Through their proficiency, we ensure efficient document management and streamlined workflows to deliver optimal patient care.

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