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We at Suma Soft help organizations integrate CI and CD, leading to faster builds and quicker deliveries without compromising the quality of software.
Our DevOps experts analyze your environment and work accordingly to ensure optimum Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery services are harnessed appropriately. Irrespective of your DevOps needs such as build and release environment, demand for minor changes or a complete overhaul, or anything in-between, Suma Soft will do it for you.
Businesses can gain from an automated work environment in several ways. As a ServiceNow Managed Service Provider, we aim to increase this benefit. ServiceNow Managed Service facilitates customization, reduces time spent on repetitive processes, boosts productivity, and fosters work integration. Most importantly, ServiceNow Managed Services does away with human errors in critical business workflows. The ServiceNow platform has everything you need to enhance the service delivery at your business. We have expertise in the usage of tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, GitLab, Codeship, Bamboo, etc.

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