ServiceNow Managed Services

ServiceNow Managed Services can be defined as – “An enterprise-level Software-As-A-Service [SaaS] platform that manages the routine business functions related to different functions such as Customer Service, Human Resources [HR], IT, etc.” 

ServiceNow managed services include consulting, implementation, management, migration, integration, customization, optimization, and support services. Suma Soft is one of the leading ServiceNow Managed Service Providers. We have a highly experienced team of ServiceNow developers who can help improve your Organization’s operational efficiency by leveraging ServiceNow for streamlining, organizing, and automating business processes.

Businesses can gain from an automated work environment in several ways. As a ServiceNow Managed Service Provider, we aim to increase this benefit. ServiceNow Managed Service facilitates customization, reduces time spent on repetitive processes, boosts productivity, and fosters work integration. Most importantly, ServiceNow Managed Services does away with human errors in critical business workflows. The ServiceNow platform has everything you need to enhance the service delivery at your business.

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Benefits of ServiceNow

With Suma Soft as your ServiceNow Managed Service Provider, you need not hire additional resources to take care of the ServiceNow Instance. Our experienced team of engineers is available on demand all the time.

Focus on your Core Competencies

As your Managed Service Provider MSP, we take care of all ServiceNow requirements so that you focus on your core business activities. With the experts handling the ServiceNow activities, you have more resources for business services like Customer Care. Our expert team will manage all the technical aspects related to ServiceNow back-end & technicalities.

Cost-Effective MSP Solution

Benefits of ServiceNow

With Suma Soft as your ServiceNow Managed Service Provider, you are assured of a flexible ServiceNow solution that is affordable and suits your needs. The Pay-As-You-Go model does not require full implementation of ServiceNow which saves cost. With ServiceNow Managed Services, there are no stringent requirements such as Annual Contract Value, and you can decide which licenses you want to buy and when. You pay for only the products you need and there is no upfront cost.

Automate Workflows

ServiceNow is changing how businesses work as one of the businesses that have advanced quickly in the last ten years. ServiceNow’s cloud-based solutions make it possible to automate simple simplification and service delivery procedures. ServiceNow replaces these manual chores with hassle-free automated workflows for everyone to use inside an organization.

Optimize Processes

Suma Soft’s ServiceNow Managed Services result in streamlining & optimizing business processes by uncovering process inadequacies, enhancing process performance, and eliminating redundancies with continuous process improvement. Our ServiceNow developers would automate procedures and assist your Organization in efficiently tracking the progress of each operation.

Versatile & Scalable

ServiceNow is highly scalable and can handle large amounts of data. ServiceNow, a cloud-based service, is not tied to particular hardware or resources. As your ServiceNow Managed Service Provider, we can scale the system by various degrees to meet your business requirements. By combining all legacy apps on a user-friendly service management solution, you may increase the agility of your processes and lower expenses.

Accelerate Innovation

In the current digital era, businesses focus on achieving business value and fostering ongoing innovation. The Organization’s main objective is to create connected experiences by quickly developing and deploying digital workflows and promoting client loyalty. As your ServiceNow Managed Service Provider, we will invest in cutting-edge technology to benefit your business. We also leverage advanced analytics to add value, boost productivity, and spur innovation while collaborating with you.

Our ServiceNow Platform Expertise

Our ServiceNow Platform Expertise

ServiceNow ITOM 

The management and strategy approach known as ITOM is used in businesses to plan, develop, and run digital services, technologies, components, and application requirements. Predicting problems, reducing user impact, automating fixes, modern DevOps, and data linkage are all included in this.

ServiceNow ITSM 

Serves as a link between end users in an Organization and the IT professionals working there. As a ServiceNow Managed Service Provider, we assist you in reducing IT costs, ensuring regulatory compliance, quickly adapting to changes and innovation, process scaling, and Quicker incident discovery and response.

ServiceNow ITBM 

Increase the value of your projects and hasten enterprise-wide change. Get Actionable work items that are planned, prioritized, and tracked with regard to business goals. The following are some areas where ServiceNow ITBM has a beneficial influence and integrates sustainable principles: Application portfolio management (APM), Agile delivery execution, Project management, and Financial management.

ServiceNow CSM 

Automate requests, deal with problems before they arise, and provide seamless experiences. Traditional customer service systems are improved by ServiceNow CSM, which also enables proactive business practices. Operational transformation and employee empowerment will help prompt, proactive customer service. Connect the entire Organization to solve problems.

ServiceNow HRSD 

An organization’s HR procedures can be automated and standardized using the HR Service Delivery (HRSD) best practices methodology. Organizations can offer employees engrossing, comprehensive HR services thanks to HR service delivery. Mainly, HR Service Delivery helps HR teams focus on higher-value operations that genuinely create self-service enhancements to the user experience by eliminating many of the repetitive, manual tasks they previously did.

We Offer ServiceNow Implementation For
Suma Soft’s ServiceNow Managed Services Offerings
ServiceNow Managed Service Provider FAQs
What is the scope of ServiceNow Managed Services?
  • ServiceNow ConsultingWe offer complete consulting services that lay the groundwork for thorough and effective ServiceNow implementation. You will be guided throughout the entire ServiceNow Implementation process by our ServiceNow experts. We advise on ServiceNow features that have the potential to improve your operations’ efficiency and cut operational costs. On how to make your ServiceNow-related business procedures more efficient. After significant functionality updates, provide user training to ensure greater solution uptake. Manage users, access, and data quality. Configure form fields and processes. Make other minor system modifications. Constantly track system performance statistics to identify and promptly correct negative trends.
  • Support – By providing ServiceNow Managed services per this procedure, we free you from micromanaging your support provider while maintaining a high level of work transparency and controllability. With your representatives’ assistance, we pinpoint your required range of services. We run a ServiceNow health check and transfer knowledge from your staff or previous support provider. We carry out a clear responsibility transfer to guarantee our entire accountability for the health of your ServiceNow solution. We continually perform an anticipatory progression of your ServiceNow system or handle your sporadic on-demand ServiceNow evolution requests in addition to everyday support operations.
  • System Administration – As your ServiceNow Partner, We would appoint specialized ServiceNow Administrators who would handle various service needs that might emerge during regular business operations. In the face of rising demands, they would be swiftly followed up to take care of them. Users and access management, process configuration, data quality management, form field updates, and other rapid modifications in your ServiceNow are all responsibilities that we as your ServiceNow Partner would handle. As your ServiceNow partner, we can install, maintain, and develop custom apps for any process applications that come with ServiceNow. Our Administrator would assign roles and control access to various features & resources of the service.
  • ServiceNow Integration – ServiceNow Managed Service Provider can effortlessly connect all of your business functions using ServiceNow Integration’s single point of control. The ServiceNow Managed Service Provider uses the platform to connect several functional areas of your company, extending the capabilities of your IT system. ServiceNow Managed Service Provider can link the ServiceNow platform with SaaS, IaaS, ERP systems, on-premises programs, legacy programs, and databases. We can help you integrate different organizational roles and services using the ServiceNow platform. As a Managed Service Provider, we can incorporate customer service, security operations, and other departmental tasks in a coordinated manner using ServiceNow. Thanks to the integration feature, you will spend less on data transfer, new applications, and employee training.
  • Security Audit & Monitoring – With constantly evolving policies, rules, procedures, and corporate requirements that necessitate a process or project modification, we maintain regulatory compliance, manage cyber security risks, and mitigate risk. Building strong internal controls that help reduce organizational risk is a growing trend. As important as it is to establish a governance structure with internal controls, it is equally essential to audit the efficacy of those controls to help avoid and identify any errors or anomalies before they have a detrimental impact on the business. Whether it be asset theft, information risk, fraud risk, investment risk, etc. – auditing ensures there are no holes in risk mitigation.
  • Monitoring System Performance – We keep an eye on the ServiceNow platform’s functionality and associated business value. Suma Soft looks into the performance of ServiceNow from every viewpoint. To get the most out of your ServiceNow deployment, keep an eye on the network, the app, and the users. As your ServiceNow Managed Service Provider, we focus on diagnosing poor performance patterns and quick prevention or resolution of associated issues.
  • ServiceNow App Development – Being your ServiceNow partner, we create apps that meet your company’s requirements and provide the best user experience. Since we employ agile methods, each sprint’s emphasis is on value creation. We make sure the final product is what you had in mind by routinely updating you on the status and iterating to get your feedback. We always aim to incorporate the most recent ServiceNow features and capabilities into an app design to reduce costs and expedite delivery.
Why Hire a ServiceNow Partner?

A ServiceNow Partner has all the required skills & know-how for the technical deployment. Having previously worked for a wide range of businesses, the ServiceNow MSP brings on-board vast experience and is aware of potential pitfalls. The Managed Service Partner ensures optimized platform utilization, imparts training, and helps add business value overall. A ServiceNow Managed Service Provider ensures the system is working at its peak capacity.

As a ServiceNow Managed Service Provider, what are your values?

We make Being a ServiceNow Managed Service Provider, we believe in the value of partnership for mutual success. Our success greatly depends on the success of our clients; hence we have adopted “ServiceNow Best Practices” that manifest in 100% customer satisfaction. As a ServiceNow Managed Service Provider, we add value by transforming your business’s digital ecosystem, resulting in improved productivity, reduced technical debt, and increased ROI. As a dependable ServiceNow Managed Service Provider, we aim to ensure a smooth transition to the ServiceNow platform and that your business is future-ready. Our services are result-driven, and our success stories are a testament to this. Based on our extensive experience implementing ServiceNow, we have a tried-and-tested fail-safe methodology for ServiceNow implementation. Our ServiceNow specialists focus on delivering value through optimized utilization of resources & time.

What are the benefits of ServiceNow in terms of Scalability & Flexibility?

Digital transformation is now accessible to every employee, all across the board, thanks to ServiceNow’s flexibility. ServiceNow offers the freedom to modify and adjust workflows independently without requiring IT expertise. Users may successfully install ServiceNow’s citizen development features thanks to its low-code platform. ServiceNow has a vast range of scalability. Regardless of our client’s industry, everyone may achieve optimum production, affordability, and resilience through standard or bespoke solutions.

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