O Rickshaw 

Suma Soft Introducing ORickshaw: Pune’s first ONDC Mobility App partnering with Endmile Connectivity Federation
Suma Soft proudly announces the launch of ORickshaw – Pune’s inaugural ONDC-powered mobility app. This initiative is a testament to Suma Soft’s dedication to creating innovative solutions that benefit both businesses and consumers.
Suma Soft envisions a future where digital expertise and best-in-class solutions drive shared prosperity. Collaborating with Endmile Connectivity Federation, a company owned by Rickshaw Drivers, Suma Soft embarked on the ORickshaw project to deliver a user-centric solution using ONDC protocols – a digital infrastructure promoted by the Government of India. The result is the “ORickshaw” App, a ride-hailing application designed with transparency, consumer-friendliness, and affordability in mind.
This app is not only a commitment to reliability and safety but also a game-changer for Rickshaw Drivers and passengers alike. In collaboration with Pune Metro and ONDC, the ORickshaw app ensures seamless end-mile connectivity, providing a convenient and efficient transport experience.
Suma Soft invites consumers and drivers alike to experience the future of ride-hailing. Download the ORickshaw app today from the Google Store and join us in building a sustainable digital ecosystem that fosters shared prosperity.
To experience the future of Rickshaw mobility visit https://orickshaw.com.