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With over 20 years of experience in helping companies optimize finance & accounting operations, Suma Soft's Accounts Payable Services offer expert talent, increased productivity, and "an addition to your team" mentality to resolve Accounts Payable issues.

Suma Soft's flexible, industry-specific, and innovative Accounting and Finance Management services are ideal for accounting firms, finance teams, accounting teams, and Accounts Payable teams across small and mid-sized enterprises.

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The finance operation within an organization, especially that of an Accounts Payable (AP) team, carries a high level of accountability to ensure invoices are accurate, approved, and paid on time. However, the tasks carried out by the Accounts Payable clerks are time-consuming, repetitive, and sometimes error-prone.

We also accelerate processing time, compliance, supplier and vendor relationships & opportunities for early payment discounts.

A platform that fulfills all your needs
Minimize Manual effort - Suma Soft
Minimize Manual effort

  • Data entry
  • Approvals
  • Calls & emails status update
  • Reconciliation

Reducing - Suma Soft

  • Cost of accounting
  • Turnaround time for invoice processing

Optimised - Suma Soft

  • Payables and receivables process
  • Information management

Works with - Suma Soft
Works with

  • Your existing accounting software
  • Providing complete audit logs

Customers Achieve Benefits

Full visibility - Suma Soft
Full visibility

Full visibility of accounting process for better complaince

Faster processing - Suma Soft
Faster processing

Faster processing times ensuring all invoices are processed within SLAs

Significant ROI - Suma Soft
Significant ROI

Typically customers achieve a significant ROI within 6 months

Reduced cost - Suma Soft
Reduced cost

An average 75% efficiency gains achieved

Kapture Automation (RPA) In Action
Data capture - Suma Soft
Data capture

Kapture can process all invoices regardless of how they are received, including paper (post), email attachments, fax, and EDI. It can read and process all formats, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured, ensuring all invoices you receive follow a single process through Kapture. Kapture extracts all key data required, including supplier information, product descriptions, PO number, invoice number, Net, VAT, gross values, date, etc.

Validation - Suma Soft

Once Kapture has extracted the data, it can carry out further tasks to validate data, including (but not limited to):

  • Verification of supplier details
  • Matching invoice against POs Purchase order
  • 2 – 3-way matching
  • Internal approvals and payment terms
  • External compliance
  • Checks and measures including duplication, data validation and values add up to totals, etc.

Approval - Suma Soft

Automatically identifying their department's approval from emails or workflow configuration within Kapture.

Invoice Process Automation (RPA) In Action
Customers Onboarding
Step 0

Connect your accounting tool/ERP and channels of incoming email

Step 0

Configure approval process, workflow, and set values to extract

Step 0
Three way match

Three-way match and perform business rule check

Step 0
Voucher creation

Automated voucher creation after vendor reconciliation (optional)

Step 0

Update your accounting ERP with a voucher with a due date.

Key Kapture AP Features

Header and line item data extraction.

Continual process automation (RPA) with self-learning AI algorithms and analytics.

Bespoke email and approval workflows and multi-step process approvals

Invoice splitting, duplicate checks, and prevention.

Secure document archive for easy access and compliance.

Import and export across ERP and account software sent for human validation and approval.

Reporting & Dashboards

Kapture dashboards and reports provide organizations with visibility of processes and people. Enabling monitoring of costs, quality, capacity, and productivity leads to greater control. Kapture provides analytics and insights. All information is kept within a secure environment with appropriate access granted. Kapture provides organizations with a simple and powerful way to bring together documents into a secure repository and create reports for management information.

Data Audit Trails - Suma Soft

Data audit trails

Process Insights - Suma Soft

Process insights

Performance Analytics - Suma Soft

Performance analytics

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