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ServiceNow is gaining widespread popularity as a cloud-based IT Management Service platform, particularly in the US. Organizations undergoing digital transformations are inclined to implement ServiceNow as a PaaS/SaaS. As of December 2022, the two largest industries that use ServiceNow are Information Technology and Services (25%) and Computer Software (8%). Organizations are adopting ServiceNow at an ever-increasing pace due to the platform’s ability to effectively address and resolve IT issues and provide effective management.

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What is ServiceNow Implementation?

Implementation of ServiceNow involves installing and configuring the platform to meet an organization’s specific needs and requirements. ServiceNow Implementation typically includes: Setting up the platform infrastructure, Integrating it with other systems and tools & Customizing the platform to support the Organization’s specific processes and workflows.

ServiceNow Implementation Solution Provider

Suma Soft’s ServiceNow Implementation Service involves consulting, planning, deployment, customization, preparation, testing, training employees on how to use the platform, and ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that the platform operates effectively. We help clients assess their current systems and processes and provide recommendations for optimizing and improving them using ServiceNow products and solutions. As a ServiceNow implementation Solution Provider, we help organizations streamline and automate their workflows, improve efficiency and productivity, and better manage their digital operations.

Our ServiceNow Implementation Strategy

Define clear goals and objectives: As a ServiceNow Managed Service Provider, we help organizations understand what to achieve by implementing ServiceNow. We help organizations define clear ServiceNow Implementation goals: improving efficiency, streamlining processes, or better managing IT assets.

Plan the ServiceNow Implementation Process: Careful planning is key to a successful ServiceNow implementation. That is why our ServiceNow experts help organizations identify the processes and workflows that the platform will be implemented to support and the resources (such as personnel and hardware) needed to support the implementation.

Prepare the Organization: ServiceNow Implementation can be a significant change for an organization, so it is essential to prepare employees and stakeholders for the transition. As a ServiceNow Implementation Service Provider, we undertake training sessions to ensure that everyone knows the benefits and any changes that will be implemented.

Customize and Configure the Platform: ServiceNow is highly customizable, so it is essential to take the time to configure the platform post-implementation, to meet the specific needs of the Organization. Post-implementation of the ServiceNow platform includes integrating it with other systems and tools and customizing it to support the Organization’s processes and workflows.

Test and Deploy the Platform: Before going live with ServiceNow, we thoroughly test the implemented platform to ensure it is functioning as expected. This ServiceNow implementation stage involves user acceptance testing, stress testing, and other types of testing to ensure that the ServiceNow platform is ready for deployment.

ServiceNow Implementation Methodology

As a ServiceNow Implementation Solution Provider, we adopt an Agile methodology that is flexible and iterative. Suma Soft’s ServiceNow Implementation methodology involves ongoing collaboration and iteration to deliver a working solution quickly. Our ServiceNow Implementation Methodology is a mix of Waterfall and Agile models. Our ServiceNow Implementation approach focuses on collecting all the requirements upfront, regularly evaluating the progress, and making adjustments to ensure that the project is on track and delivering meaningful results throughout the implementation process. With our ServiceNow Implementation methodology, organizations can see the real-time progress made and make changes as needed while ensuring that all requirements are accounted for. Our ServiceNow Implementation methodology allows organizations to respond quickly to changing conditions and adjust the implementation process as needed.

ServiceNow Implementation Planning

Our ServiceNow Implementation plan outlines the steps and resources required to set up and configure your Organization’s platform. Our ServiceNow Implementation strategy involves key stakeholders in developing the implementation plan to ensure that the needs of the Organization are fully considered and that the goal is realistic and achievable. Our ServiceNow Implementation plan considers concerns such as:

Business Objectives: What problems and challenges are to be addressed?

Scope: Quantify the work in a number of modules, features, level of customization, and integration.

Resources: Including personnel, hardware, and software.

Schedule: Establish a timeline for the ServiceNow Implementation, including key milestones and deadlines.

Training: Determine the Organization’s training needs and decide how these needs will be met.

Testing: Plan to test the implementation, including customizations and integrations.

Deployment: Here, we plan for the platform’s deployment, including any necessary updates or upgrades.

Maintenance: Our Post-Implementation maintenance plan keeps the ServiceNow platform up to date and functioning smoothly.

ServiceNow Implementation Best Practices

We adopt an elaborate set of “Technical and development best practices” when implementing ServiceNow. Some of the essential best practices are:

ServiceNow HRSD Implementation

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery improves the employee experience by providing a central platform for managing HR work. Implementing ServiceNow HRSD offers HR structure and reporting capabilities. It lets employees quickly access the information they need and allows HR teams to focus on strategic tasks rather than answering basic questions.

ServiceNow ITSM Implementation

IT Service Management (ITSM) is a vital aspect of any business, connecting technology and operations. Implementing a robust ITSM solution is necessary to ensure the smooth running of daily activities and critical business functions that rely on IT services. Suma Soft is a leading ServiceNow ITSM Implementation solution provider. We help you improve your IT service delivery, align it with your business needs, and enhance performance and user satisfaction.

ServiceNow ITBM Implementation

Manage internal processes and workflows across your Organization by Implementing the ITBM Module of ServiceNow. ITBM optimizes your resources, manage projects effectively and efficiently, plan your budget and map costs, track time and performance across projects, and gain insights into your performance through advanced reporting. Implementing ServiceNow ITBM improves visibility and reduces IT expenses.

ServiceNow ITOM Implementation

ITOM helps automate your IT operations. By implementing ServiceNow ITOM, we modernize your IT ops by gaining visibility, insights, and the ability to address issues intelligently. With cross-team automation workflows, you can identify and solve problems before they occur. ITOM also uses AIOps to predict issues and automate resolutions, reducing user impact. Additionally, Implementing ServiceNow ITOM can improve your IT operations by providing ongoing service health monitoring, helping to prevent outages, and performing extensive failure impact analysis.

ServiceNow CSM Implementation

Implementing CSM helps organizations improve customer satisfaction by providing a unified and efficient approach to managing customer requests and issues. Implementing ServiceNow CSM enhances customer satisfaction by improving the efficiency of customer service processes. CSM provides elevated Customer Experience & promotes communication amongst the staff members. CSM gathers data and insights to identify trends, improve operations, and make better decisions.

Suma Soft’s ServiceNow Solution for Various Industries

ServiceNow Implementation for Healthcare

ServiceNow helps healthcare organizations manage and track patient care, electronic medical records (EMR), and administrative processes. ServiceNow’s platform can be customized to fit the specific needs of healthcare organizations and integrated with other systems, such as EMR platforms. By implementing ServiceNow, healthcare organizations can improve patient care, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and manage appointments, treatment plans, regulatory compliance, and the referral process.

ServiceNow Implementation for Manufacturing

ServiceNow’s platform can be implemented to meet the niche requirements of manufacturing companies. ServiceNow integrates with other systems used by Manufacturing companies – such as ERP and SCM systems. ServiceNow can manage assets, incidents, supplier onboarding, regulatory compliance, and operation management.

ServiceNow for Non-Profit Organizations

ServiceNow allows Non-Profits to manage donors and grants. With ServiceNow, nonprofits can streamline processes such as fundraising, grant management, and volunteer management, as well as manage regulatory compliance. Examples of non-profits that could benefit from ServiceNow implementation include charities, foundations, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

ServiceNow Implementation for BPO/BPM

Increase customer satisfaction by providing a self-service portal for customers, automating manual processes, and connecting ServiceNow with other systems and customer service tools. ServiceNow Implementation allows tracking and resolving customer issues, managing and prioritizing work, and tracking performance and metrics.

ServiceNow Implementation for Startups

ServiceNow provides a range of digital workflow and IT services management tools. Startups can use ServiceNow to streamline and automate their processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. By Implementing ServiceNow, Startups can simplify and automate their operations, including incident management, problem management, change management, and service catalog management.

ServiceNow Implementation for Facility Management Companies

Implement ServiceNow to automate & streamline routine Facility Management processes such as Planning and scheduling maintenance and repair work, track and manage inventory and supplies, respond and resolve customer requests and complaints efficiently using one platform, ensure compliance with safety and security regulations.

ServiceNow Implementation for Finance Companies

In the Finance sector, Implementing ServiceNow can help finance teams plan and budget more effectively by providing a single platform for tracking and analyzing financial data. It can automate the process of creating and tracking invoices and managing expenses and employee reimbursement requests. ServiceNow can help finance teams comply with various financial regulations by providing a centralized platform for managing and monitoring compliance-related tasks and activities.

ServiceNow Implementation for Government Organizations

Implementing ServiceNow creates digital portals and platforms for delivering services to citizens, such as applying for permits and paying fines. It can manage and track various types of cases, service requests, and complaints, to help government organizations be more efficient. ServiceNow automates and streamlines multiple workflows, such as approving expenses and processing invoices. ServiceNow Implementation offers a centralized platform for compliance and regulatory management.

ServiceNow Implementation for Educational Organizations

ServiceNow Implementation helps Educational Organizations create centralized modules like Student Information Systems, Learning Management Systems, Campus Services, Alumni Relations, etc. ServiceNow can be used to manage student records, course registration, transcripts, manage faculty and staff profiles, payroll, HR processes, etc. ServiceNow can deliver online courses, track student progress, and facilitate virtual classrooms. Implementing ServiceNow can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the student and faculty experience.

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