Remote Monitoring Services

Reduce Maintenance Costs and Minimize Downtime

Without impelling Remote Monitoring Services, IT security is always at risk, be it malicious attacks, loss of data, or system failure. An internal IT Admin works as a rescuer; however, sometimes disability to handle everything, or due to the proper practice, the professional outsource Remote Monitoring Services help becomes essential. We at Suma Soft offer end-to-end Remote Monitoring and Management Services at the most competitive price. We work as a backbone to your organization to ensure a stable IT environment for the workforce.

At Suma Soft, we expeditiously manage & monitor every layer of your infrastructure (back-end, front-end, storage, network) while sitting at the remote service station. Our tailor-made excellent remote monitoring service packages suit every type of network.

Our knowledge will improve your network and ensure it never fails to work in the future as well. Our RMM services enable you to proactively monitor the performance, health, and availability of your clients' networks. We also help MSPs and IT teams to reduce downtime and set new standards for efficiency through automation.

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Remote Monitoring Services We Offer

Servers Monitoring Services

Our 24/7 outsource Remote Monitoring Services give in-depth visibility of various server components, such as processor usage, motherboard, hard drives, memory consumption, network, I/O, etc. Our round-the-clock analytic & smart issue notification services can dig into any system and manage its real-time health. Our ready-to-use plugins and performance metrics help in monitoring, identifying, and fixing any issue from its root.

Infrastructure Monitoring Services

Smart tools such as Nagios, Solarwinds, Paessler, and so on enable us to manage complex IT structures. It allows us to take proactive action against the issue. By outsourcing Remote Monitoring Services, our experts help you to integrate real-time dashboards to generate automated and customized performance reports of the entire system. We efficiently handle the downtime & high time of infrastructure by monitoring its overall performance, availability, and capacity.


Irrespective of the scattered business network, we ensure to outsource Remote Monitoring Services to all of your operation centers with the same enthusiasm. Smart IT tools allow us to manage any deterrent coming from any network effectively.

Network Monitoring Services

Outsource our Remote Monitoring & Management Services to track usage and performance of different sorts of networks such as WAN, LAN, and VoIP. Sophisticated network monitoring tools detect flaws in network components such as failure of routers, switches, firewalls, servers, etc., and notify our network administrators via different channels. We protect your system by identifying suspicious traffic and stopping malicious attacks.

Network Operation Center Services

Our remote monitoring service includes a dedicated and centralized Network Operation Center (NOC) from where all the organizational networks are supervised, controlled, and monitored. Our complete NOC package acts as a focal point to troubleshoot network issues. Our NOC team conducts proactive network monitoring, provides network performance reports, helps resolve network issues, and ensures 100% uptime.

Security Operation Center Services

Outsource cost-effective Security Operation Center to reduce cyber threats. Our SOC team provides actionable insights into organizational security infrastructure. We have advanced technical skills and subject-matter expertise to mitigate security threats. Our remote monitoring service experts monitor the frequently changing threat scenario and analyze cross-platform threats to offer a wide range of IT security operations. We deliver 24/7 comprehensive data reports.

Remote Diagnostic Services

We outsource Remote Diagnostic Services for networks, servers, databases, and other IT infrastructure. We remotely access your IT infrastructure to identify problems and provide the most desirable solution at the earliest. Timely notifications help you understand the performance of your IT assets. Our excellent Remote Monitoring and Management Services are carried out by experts who are the right blend of knowledge and modern-day engineering.

Database Monitoring Services

For a majority of organizations, the performance of the database is continually under consideration. Database Monitoring service under remote monitoring package helps enhance database availability and usability. We provide database monitoring services for a wide range of databases such as MongoDB, MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and many more. Our highly-experienced quality control team monitors critical data of your business on a routine basis to keep the quality high all the time.

Why Suma Soft for Remote Monitoring Services

Our round-the-clock and end-to-end Remote Monitoring Services help desk is available for all types and sizes of issues. Smart notification systems installed in business infrastructure help experts solve the problem on time.

Smaller issues that might harm future operations shouldn’t be neglected at any cost. Outsource flawless Remote Monitoring Services to resolve even the tiniest issues with perfection before it becomes a threat.

Irrespective of the scattered business network, we ensure we offer to outsource Remote Monitoring Services to all of your operation centers with the same enthusiasm. Smart IT tools allow us to manage any deterrent coming from any network in an effective manner.

 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
Any device or network-facing downtime is monitored day and night by performance tools that are built to notify risk. A dedicated engineer troubleshoots the issue at the earliest with necessary actions.

Despite being an outsource remote monitoring service provider, we offer flexible remote monitoring and management outsourcing services. The dedicated person assigned at the client’s location keeps the network data at their fingertips to fix server outages.

Centralized Services
Users accessing data from various networks are tracked continuously from a centralized remote location. Strong remote monitoring enables service engineers to secure the network through customized encrypted authentication.

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