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Data is Vital, So is Data Capturing and Data Processing…

In today’s digital world, nothing is more important for decision making than data. Data is a fuel for analytics and further decision making. With AI, Cognitive Thinking and RPA driving most of the decision-making process in this digital world, basic data to apply these tools should be substantial and usable.

As of today, while efforts are being made across all the industries to generate data in digital format itself, there are still several industries and organizations which use conventional methods of data production on papers. It may take a while to discontinue all these conventional methods and switch to a fully digital mode of data generation.

As on today, as most of the uses of every data use digital methods of use, storage, analytics and transfer from source to destination, it is important for these conventional setups to convert data in digital format at the earliest possible opportunity of availability of data. Extraction of data from paper forms is an Inconvenient process.

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While managing data processing from conventional sources, organizations cannot afford to lose time and unreasonable amount of money to get this data in digital format. In such situations, corporations generally look out for BPO automated data capturing and data processing services to bring efficiency to operations. With SUMA, we offer you an advantage of offering Automated Data Extraction with our Automated data capturing and data processing services at Unmatched Competitive Prices.

While you may have multiple data processing outsourcing services available in market, at SUMA, we offer Automated as well as Manual Data Extraction services to various industries such as Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply Chain, Hospitality, etc. We offer OCR tools to extract data from structured and non-structured forms. We can make it as follows – We also have Business Process Management teams who provide manual data extraction as well as OCR exception handling support. Being ISO 9001:2015 Certified organization, we ensure that quality is our core deliverable. 

Another important aspect that organizations are worried of these days is customers data and information security. With SUMA being an ISO 27001:2013 Certified and a HIPAA Compliant Company, we ensure that Information Security is our highest priority. 

Providing timely, affordable Automated Data Capturing and Data Processing Services with high scalability that comes with quick processing time is our aim. Our Automated Data Capturing and Data Processing Services come with a total data security and global standards as we strive to make our global presence stronger. This makes us one of the most reliable Automated Data capturing and Data processing outsourcing companies.

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