Cloud Security Services

End-to-End Security Services to Protect Your Cloud Environments

Enterprises are adopting the cloud since business innovation needs are surpassing the capabilities of an on-premises environment. However, the cloud introduces new cybersecurity challenges. Backed by deep cybersecurity industry experience, our Cloud Security Services can help you transform your security practices into a programmatic approach to security at each stage of your cloud journey and stay ahead of security threats.

Our reliable Cloud-based security services enable you to focus on cloud transformation and drive business innovation. Our global network of 24/7 SOCs ensures you can quickly ramp up your cloud security as needed and deliver secure, global cloud scalability.

Our agnosticism simply means you can seamlessly integrate security across diverse technologies and cloud platforms, such as AWS, Azure, and Google.

Suma Soft's Cloud Security Approach


We Assess. A Cloud Security Assessment helps you with insight into your existing or planned adoption of cloud computing.

We Advise. Our Cloud Security Advisory services are based on more than decades of experience in helping clients adopt cloud security.


We Implement. Our Cloud-based security services offer a wide range of solutions for identity and access management, application security, data protection, and infrastructure security.


We Operate. To ensure the security of your cloud-based operations, our Cloud Security Monitoring solution makes security monitoring an essential component of your cloud architecture. Our Cloud Security Services are delivered from our global network of ISO27001-certified security operations centers (SOCs) as standalone services.

How Suma Soft Help

Secure Cloud Migration

Our Cloud-based security services framework assists in deciding the vital security controls for cloud migration. We regulate what controls can be leveraged for on-premise and public cloud. We additionally perform a manual assessment to enable customers to decide their cloud strategy.

Increase Visibility of the Cloud Security Posture

Our cloud services enhance the visibility of the assets while conducting risk assessments to ensure the right security controls are in place. We additionally perform continuous compliance and monitoring to identify, detect, and prevent security vulnerabilities in the cloud ecosystem for assured security.

Right Choice of AI/ML-based Solutions for Cloud

We design, build and manage AI/ML-enabled SIEM/SOAR solutions on cloud and on-premise models. We enable our customers to monitor, detect, and prevent security risks through our services provided by our world-class Cyber Defense Centers.

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Suma Soft's Cloud Security Services

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection

Suma Soft's cloud-based multi-layer solution offers protection from even the largest and most complex DDoS attacks before they can impact website performance. We provide layers of DDoS defense, including malicious traffic detection and proactive notification in the event of an attack, and mitigation of attacks through on-network globally positioned high-capacity scrubbing.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) Protection

Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects your websites and web applications against malicious HTTP application layer attacks such as cross-site scripting and SQL injection that are intended to steal data. We provide high-performance protection to ensure that only dynamic content requests need to be forwarded to the WAF for inspection.

Content Security

We offer several integrated content security methods such as IP address whitelisting and blacklisting, geolocation access control, tokenization, and digital rights management that allow you to prevent unauthorized access to your content. Suma Soft makes it easy to secure your valuable digital content so you can maximize revenue.


Securing the transmission of sensitive customer data utilizing strong encryption has turned out to be increasingly important. Suma Soft has one of the world's largest TLS/SSL-enabled networks, providing the capacity to deliver secure traffic without performance bottlenecks.

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