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For over 20 years, Suma Soft has been developing custom applications and delivering comprehensive services for application support, integration, and upgrade. By having rich experience in multiple industries (from retail to manufacturing to banking and healthcare), our team can assist you in defining clear integration goals, building up a robust data integration strategy, and ensuring its orderly implementation.

Suma Soft fuels your enterprise’s digital transformation initiatives through end-to-end integration of applications, workflows, and databases. We help you excel at an integration initiative of any type with a reliable and robust integration solution catered to your specific context and business goals.

Our IT specialist will take complete ownership of installation, configuration, and troubleshooting integrations with external systems. We allow integration among all applications and systems across the enterprise to ensure sustainable digital prosperity.

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Challenges We Solve

App Integration Without API along with Data Integration Services and Solutions

We have a set of proven practices to integrate applications without API support, such as the introduction of a shared database, file transfer, or application modernization.

Prolonged response time

We plan capacities such as load and performance testing, network latency problem assessment, and middleware. We design scalable architecture, introduce priority queues, effectively use timeouts, and sync calls, caching, & logging.

Data quality issues

We take an enterprise-wide view to evaluate the potential pain points and eliminate them by introducing data governance rules, error message management, roll-back of distributed transactions, and message completeness verification.

Security vulnerabilities

Our well-designed and sophisticated access control rules introduce industry-leading protocols for authentication and authorization, secure outbound connections, and more.

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