Legacy System Modernization Services

Suma Soft has over 20 years of experience in modernizing legacy systems, software, and applications pertaining to various business domains. We also provide maintenance & support services to legacy I.T. systems & applications. At Suma Soft, we deploy methodologies and strategies that ensure seamless upgradation of legacy systems to a modern I.T. environment that incorporates Data-warehousing, IoT, and Cloud. Our legacy modernization services make your application scalable, secure, robust and future-ready.
The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and businesses must adapt to sustain and grow continuously. As your I.T. solution partner Suma Soft makes sure that the transition of Legacy to Cloud is implemented seamlessly without disrupting your business processes.

What Is Legacy System Modernization?

Legacy System modernization is a part of digital transformation where a stand-alone system or application is either upgraded [modernized] to, or completely replaced by a more advanced system that is “intelligent”, secure, data-driven, modular, interoperable, device-independent, and scalable.

Why Consider Modernizing A Legacy System

At a point in time, your Legacy System has helped your business grow and expand. But the same system could hinder the growth of your organization/business, given the challenges presented by the ever-evolving nature of business dynamics. Legacy Systems [software, applications, and business processes] being outdated are challenging to operate. The I.T. resources required to maintain legacy systems are also dwindling. Maintaining a legacy system can strain your organization’s IT budget. Given these reasons, a Legacy System could become a liability to an organization.

Modernizing A Legacy IT System Can Result In:

  • Improve ROI
  • Improved Productivity
  • Future-Ready IT Solution
  • Scalable & Adaptable New I.T. Environment
  • Improved Security
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Increased Data Consistency
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Streamlined Business Processes
  • Elevated Customer Satisfaction
  • Remote Workforce Compatibility
  • Facilitates Integration with other App Ecosystems

Some Stats That Throw Light On How Legacy Systems Are Eating Up I.T. Budget

  • As of July 2019 UK Govt. has spent nearly half [50%] of its I.T. budget [£2.3 BN of the allocated £4.7BN ] on maintaining and running legacy systems – Source – Gov.uk.
  • In the U.S., Legacy systems cost approximately $337 million annually to keep them running. – Source – Nextgov.com.
  • Banks & Insurance companies spend 75% of their budget on keeping the legacy systems running. Source – FT.com.
  • Legacy Systems can affect an increase of about 15% per year in their annual I.T. budget. Source – Modlogix.com
  • 62% of the I.T. Leaders interviewed by MIT Technology Review opine that Legacy Systems are the main obstructions in moving towards a multi-cloud environment. Source MIT Technology Review.

How Does Legacy System Modernization Work?

We have a very methodical & standardized approach to legacy system modernization, focusing on designing the right solution for your business. Our team will evaluate the Legacy System your organization uses and thoroughly understand your pain points concerning the existing system. Once your problem areas with the legacy system are ascertained, our team will chalk out a detailed modernization plan. Based on your budget & requirements, there are several ways of going through the upgradation process.

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The Following Are The Standard Approaches Pursued While Updating A Legacy System

Encapsulation Method Of Legacy Modernization

In this gradual approach to upgrading the legacy system, the monolithic application is converted into modular microservices applications that are easy to maintain and upgrade. With the “Encapsulate” approach, there is no need to rebuild the application from the start. Encapsulation makes the legacy application accessible to other software components.
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Why Suma Soft

Our services encompass the entire spectrum of the legacy modernization cycle, from assessment to post-migration support. Modernizing your legacy systems can improve your ROI, improve data security, elevate the business experience, and make your organization more agile & future-ready. We leverage our domain expertise and the latest technology stack, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Cloud Technologies, to deliver the most optimal legacy modernization solution. Partner with a certified IT solution provider for a low-risk legacy-to-cloud transition.

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Navigate the Future with Confidence. Suma Soft's Legacy Modernization Services Ensure Agility and Sustained Competitiveness.