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Suma Soft’s BPM Tech platform & Service with RPA and AI / cognitive integration has enabled our clients to significantly improve productivity. Suma Soft’s Logistics Process enables logistics providers to optimize costs and unlock business value.

Our logistics services deliver centralized back-office support for national and international logistics and supply chain companies. We provide end-to-end Logistics services that include Accounts Payable, Claims Processing, Invoice Audits and Track and Trace, and many more specialized services.

For over 20 years, Suma Soft has been the most preferred partner delivering significant savings for our clients with improved cash flow and reductions in operational costs.

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Our Logistics & Supply Chain Services Includes

Document Collection with Posting for AP

For 3PL logistics providers, it is of paramount importance to have all the shipment documents assigned to the loads to initiate the AP process. We ensure all documents are received, segregated as Invoices, POD, Lumper receipts, Bill of Lading, etc., and posted to loads to ensure AP for carriers is accelerated.

Track and Trace for Shipment

When shipments are delayed due to unforeseen reasons, it is crucial to ensure customers are kept informed on the reason for such delays and expected resolutions. Suma Soft Track and Trace services ensure that these issues are proactively identified, tracked, and reported for superior customer services. Track and Trace are done by employing various methods such as Web track, Calling, Email & Chat. We provide support for all types of shipments such as LTL, TL & Intermodal. We are involved in tracking the entire journey of the shipment from pickup to delivery and ensure any exceptions are identified and reported on time.

EDI Exception, Exception Management, and Cost Analysis

EDI is a critical backbone for data interchange between all stakeholders in the logistics and supply chain ecosystem. When an EDI exception occurs, transactions need to be reviewed and resolution provided. Suma Soft team is proficient in EDI exception management and resolution, which includes reviewing EDI rejects. Detailed research for the reasons to find the correct load and complete the payment cycle. It also involves the communication of the exceptions with account managers, carriers, and billing reps.

Pre and Post Audit of Shipment Invoices

Errors in billing can result in loss of revenue for business or customer dissatisfaction. Our Pre and Post Audit service identifies any discrepancy in billing that can result in overcharge or undercharge. Our Pre and Post Audit of Shipment Invoices services help determine the differences in quotes, shipment weight, estimated time of arrival (ETA), etc. and take corrective measures against the same.

Claim Handling

A freight claim is a legal demand by the consignee or a shipper to a carrier for financial reimbursements. This happens if the shipment has been lost or damaged during pick up, transit, or delivery. Freight claims are also known as cargo claims, transportation claims, or shipping claims. A claim is a legal document filed by the shipper to a carrier.

We at Suma Soft specialize in claims management processes and work for multiple US & Canadian 3rd party logistics companies and manage the end-to-end claims management cycle by connecting with the shipper, consignee, carrier & insurance companies.

Suma Soft Operations team offers the following support in claims processing


Expert Logistics Professional

Suma Soft has a team with deep expertise in logistics and the supply chain domain. The team has migrated multiple customer processes over the years and scaled up the services to 300 FTE with 24x7 coverage.

Technology & Automation

Our BPM technology platform enables our teams to monitor, measure, and optimize all business processes. Automation with the help of RPA and AI / cognitive capabilities further enhance the quality and productivity of our services for our clients. Our BPM platform offers highly scalable and adaptable features that allow us to provide superior delivery with seamless communication, comprehensive reporting, and real-time visibility.

Exceptional Service

Suma Soft values exceptional service in every client interaction. We recognize that one solution does not fit all, so we work to find what suits you the best after evaluating your needs in detail. Suma Soft ensures that you get the best possible service that is aligned with your business metrics.

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