Microsoft Azure Services

Create Extraordinary Cloud-based Solutions Using Azure in Remarkably Less Time

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that enables companies to build applications using Microsoft's databases spread across the world. Microsoft Azure Services facilitate the storage, backup, and recovery of data in a cost-effective manner. Microsoft Azure development uses the databases hosted by Microsoft throughout the world, which enables a safe and secure cloud-based development. Microsoft Azure is not only Microsoft-oriented but also flexible toward third-party systems and software.

Suma Soft offers Microsoft Azure services that enable the development and deployment of robust and secure Microsoft Azure mobile, web, and media applications. The quality of projects our team delivers helps to capitalize your business and boost productivity improvement, customer engagement, scalability, availability, flexibility, security, cost reduction, and business agility.

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Advantages of Suma Soft’s Microsoft Azure Development


Enterprises can effectively develop, test, take feedback, and retry since applications are developed on Azure and making it easier to explore new avenues and new technologies.

Global Reach

The development done by our Microsoft Web Services makes it easier for enterprises to use Azure and run their services in data centers worldwide.


Get secure and seamless login for the users – business to business or for individuals allowing the customers to use familiar accounts.

Scalable & Flexible

Suma Soft uses Azure to create easily running applications and scale highly for users without the need for any additional coding.

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