Multi-Platform Support Services

Flexible Access Across Platforms And Network Segments From A Single, Secure Solution

Flexible Access Across Platforms and Network Segments From a Single, Secure Solution Suma Soft’s Multi-Platform Support Services allow you to consolidate access with one solution for supporting devices and end-users across your network and the internet. Customizable security credentials and multi-factor authentication give you a solitary tool for internal and third-party access. Our broad platform support ensures quick, flexible access from a single interface.
With each new feature we add to the platform, we develop it to work across Windows, Linux, and Mac. That simply means Mac users get the same layered security protection, automated monitoring checks, big data analytics, and backup and disaster recovery that Windows users get.
At Suma Soft, we not only make it easier for you to manage IT across platforms but additionally simplify it for you to use the platforms you prefer.
Automate, manage and secure your endpoints!

Benefits Of Suma Soft's Multi-Platform Support Services

  • Cross-platform support including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android
  • Support for embedded operating systems
  • Gateway connections across network segments
  • Centralized management of individual and group roles & permissions
  • Various options for multi-factor authentication, including Microsoft Azure
  • Simplify maintenance and diminish network vulnerability by consolidating support with a single solution
  • Secure tunnels into unattended devices

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