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How do we help Organizations with Cloud Migration?

Unleash the power of Cloud Computing with our proven competence. Suma Soft is a Software Development Company with proven expertise in cloud migration services & solutions.

Cloud offers manifold benefits compared to on-premises legacy systems. From improved security and on-demand scalability to reduced cost and time-to-market, migrating to the cloud platform offers immense benefits to businesses. According to a recent 2022 study, 94% of enterprises use cloud services.

Cloud Migration can be a comprehensive undertaking that involves relocating all digital assets, databases, and applications to the cloud platform. As a Cloud Migration Service Provider, We delineate a thorough cloud migration strategy that results in a seamless transition to the cloud with no business disruption. Our engineers work closely with your decision-makers to identify the right approach for your organization.

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We are partners with all the leading Cloud service providers. And have expertise in customizing the tools and services of cloud platforms to suit your business needs. With our expert guidance, you select the most optimal package of cloud services and tools your business requires. Our engineers leverage these tools and services to elevate the business experience and value. Our engineers meticulously follow pre-established processes that ensure hassle-free migration and integration.

Businesses across the world rely on us when it comes to migrating their workloads, data, and applications to cloud platforms. From choosing the right cloud service provider to conducting rigorous security testing, we ensure that the cloud migration process is smooth sailing without any impact on business operations — partner with the cloud migration market leader.

Types of Cloud Migration

  • Cloud Application Migration – We assess which is the right approach to migrate your legacy applications to cloud to achieve superior operational capabilities & security.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Migration – You need a battle-hardened & competent IT partner when it comes to a big move like Infrastructure migration to the cloud. We automate and monitor complex Infrastructure migration tasks.
  • Cloud Database Migration – Unleash the benefits of Scalability, Disaster Recovery, Increased Security & Prevent Data Loss. Quick database access for improved agility and innovation. Maintain 24 X 7 availability.
  • Cloud Platform Migration – Your support partner in the ever-evolving landscape of cloud platforms. We manage all the aspects of phased deployment, rigorous testing & numerous other particulars of a platform migration.
  • AWS Migration – Pioneer of Cloud Computing & most widely used cloud platform. A cost-effective cloud solution that is also elastic, scalable & secure. We offer Homogeneous and Heterogeneous database migration services.
  • Azure Migration – Natural choice for enterprises using Microsoft technologies. Complete integration with Office 365. It has interconnected modularity ideal for hybrid cloud solutions.
  • Infrastructure Optimization – Our engineers automate cloud management and monitoring services after the successful migration.
  • On-Premise to Cloud – Elevate customer experience, enable on-demand business scaling, reduce downtime and maintain business continuity.

Cloud Migration Consulting

  • As a certified Cloud Migration service provider, we plan and execute cloud migration processes to transfer your workloads to the cloud platform securely. We recommend the right migration approach, including Full, Partial, or Parallel.

Benefits of Migrating to Cloud

  • Simplified Infrastructure – Reduce the infrastructure and related network complexities. Cloud migration results in availing only the services you need.
  • Greater Automation – Since most operations and services are automated, you don’t need a large team to manage the cloud platforms, naturally leading to reduced cost.
  • Accelerated Development – No hardware and resource limitation facilitates faster development & deployment of applications. 
  • Efficient Monitoring – Centralized monitoring of all the operational workflow confirms the availability of applications, servers, websites, etc.
  • Improved Data Security – Cloud platforms provide advanced data encryption features, which makes data storage & handling secure.
  • Scalable Solution – Meet the requirements of business fluctuation. Upgrade or shed off resources/capacity as the need may be. Pay as you go.
  • Optimize Cost – You pay only for the resources & services you use. Services & resources can be added/removed as dictated by business needs. Usage metrics are readily available.

Cloud Migration Strategy

Rehost : Often referred to as the “Lift-and-Shift” strategy, Rehost cloud migration strategy involves copying the on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. There are no changes made to the original code. Rehosting is the most straightforward, fastest & low-risk technique compared to other strategies.

Refactor : This more comprehensive cloud migration strategy calls for rewriting the application code to make it “cloud-native” and includes significant changes to the application configuration. This strategy makes full use of the cloud ecosystem and the available features. The method of migration is pursued when there is a need to scale, boost agility & upgrade the features of the existing on-premise application.

Repurchase : Also called “Replacing”, this cloud migration strategy necessitates abandoning the existing application/software in favor of a SaaS solution. An excellent example of a Repurchase [or Replacing] approach is replacing a legacy on-premise CRM with a SaaS solution like Salesforce or Hubspot. Migrating an on-premise SAP application to a cloud platform is also categorized under “Repurchase”.

Replatform : This is an improvised version of the Rehost cloud migration strategy. The core application & architecture remains unchanged though the application is reconfigured to make it compliant with the cloud platform. Most commonly, the application is reconfigured to access Cloud databases like Amazon RDS.

Re-Architect : The most advanced cloud migration method, Re-architecting, necessitates breaking down the monolithic application and rebuilding it in a cloud-native manner. The new “re-architected” application features a service-oriented and scalable design. Re-architecting cloud migration methodology utilizes the cloud features and functionalities to the fullest.delivering better results compared to other migration strategies.

Rebuild : This cloud migration method is adopted when considering long-term application migration. Rebuilding is rewriting the application on PaaS infrastructure, preserving the scope and specifications. The existing code is completely removed when the rebuild cloud migration method is followed. This method of cloud migration uses cloud services as well as cloud architecture.

Cloud Migration Process

Define the Goals : Create a detailed cloud migration business case. Analyze the cloud migration purpose from the businesses’ perspective. Subsequently, create the overall migration strategy.

Assessment & Consolidation : Thoroughly consolidate your existing IT infrastructure landscape. Identify the applications and data to be migrated to the cloud platform. Identify interdependencies, and conduct a pre-migration predictive analysis for better decision-making.

Strategy : Define the purpose for migration to the cloud and the objectives to be achieved. Identify performance gains an organization can expect, and outline the time frame for migration. Determine the scope of migration – which method(s) of migration to be adopted, data to be moved, service provider, etc.

Migration Execution : The actual process of cloud migration is given effect. Automated migration tools and management practices are leveraged in this phase to ensure safe, secure, and accelerated migration.

Repurchase : Also called “Replacing”, this cloud migration strategy necessitates abandoning the existing application/software in favor of a SaaS solution. An excellent example of a Repurchase [or Replacing] approach is replacing a legacy on-premise CRM with a SaaS solution like Salesforce or Hubspot. Migrating an on-premise SAP application to a cloud platform is also categorized under “Repurchase”.

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