Investor Onboarding and Post Close Audit Services for REITs

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Every REIT has few prime objectives that drives their strategic decisions – ‘To improve return on investment for their investors, to improve turn times of investor paperwork to meet investment objectives faster and to ensure accuracy of transactions to meet regulatory requirements.’. We offer following services to Real Estate Investment Trusts to get closer to above objectives.

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Investor Onboarding

We review investor subscription documents such as Purchase Agreement, Investor Questionnaire, Purchase Questionnaire, Qualified Intermediary, Trust documents for completeness and correctness. If any deficiencies/shortcomings are found in any of these documents, we coordinate over email with concerned parties to get those fixed. We have proficiency in working on CRM platforms such as Juniper Square, Sycamore SalesForce, etc.


We verify FINRA BrokerCheck as well as SEC website to validate licensing status for Broker Dealer Firms and Representatives, document the details and evidence of verification within CRM and report concerning issues to compliance team of our clients. Before accepting any new investment for specific offering, we validate for available equity within the offering, calculate grossed up investment amount based on commission concessions and accordingly add the investment details to respective offering.

Processing and Communication

We do create and issue Initial and Final Settlement Statements to Escrow companies as necessary. On closure of investor transaction, we issue Welcome Letter, Portal Invitation, Investor reports to clients as a part of ‘Welcome Kit’. At the same time, servicing setup is also done in CRM for post close servicing activities such as issue of distributions, servicing communication, etc.

Post Close Compliance Audit

As a part of integrated service to above services or as an independent service, we do offer ‘Post Close Compliance Audit’ service to REIT organizations. This audit incorporates audit related to Investor Account Setup, Accuracy of Final Settlement Statement, Licensing, Communications and Calculation of Commission. Detailed audit report along with discrepancies found is shared with clients for each transaction audited.

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