5 factors affecting Customer Service Outsourcing Cost

Customer service outsourcing cost is a major organizational expense to address the rapidly growing and changing customer needs. A CEI survey suggests that 86% of organizations are willing to pay higher customer service outsourcing cost for better customer experience.
Customer service outsourcing cost depends on a variety of direct and indirect factors, understanding these factors helps organizations in better decision making.

Following are the 5 major factors affecting the Customer Service Outsourcing Cost

Geographic Location
This is the prime factor affecting customer service outsourcing cost. Labor charges in countries like USA and Canada are pretty much higher than in India. The customer service cost in the USA is somewhere around $30USD per hour. You can probably save half of this cost by outsourcing your customer service to an Indian vendor.
Support Coverage
This refers to the number of hours of service that a dedicated customer service outsourcing provider works for. Customer service outsourcing cost offered by a company providing 24/7 shift coverage will certainly be more than the company providing 24/5 or 10/7 coverage.
Level of Expertise
Customer service outsourcing cost is calculated on the basis of expertise needed to handle the customer queries. The customer service outsourcing cost involved in providing telemarketing and non-technical support services is fairly less than that in providing Technical support. Providing Advanced Technical support requires a higher level of expertise and domain knowledge, in such a case customer service outsourcing cost is usually high.
Average No. of Queries

The average number of calls or queries that the organization handles during the course of time also affects the customer service outsourcing cost. Customer service outsourcing companies try to reduce the minimum time required to handle each customer query. It is often seen that during peak seasons businesses take help of customer service outsourcing companies to increase their business’s support availability and scalability for handling maximum issues.

Duration of Project

Customer service outsourcing cost is mostly calculated on the basis of per hour or per month. But for long-term projects, customer service outsourcing companies can offer flexible customer service outsourcing cost on a yearly or contract basis. For long-term projects, the Customer service outsourcing cost is comparatively less than monthly or hourly rates.

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