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We at Suma Soft help enterprises that are looking to exploit a more extensive set of automation tools to mitigate functional and process silos and focus on accomplishing end-to-end process automation. We have developed our hyper-automation services portfolio based on the best practices, proprietary framework, and implementation methodologies derived from scaled engagements delivered to some of the largest enterprises spread across the globe.
We can help build up a “Hyper Automation” strategy for your business processes that involve combining workflow automation and data-driven machine learning to deliver an effective business process that is augmented by “Digital Workers.” We provide business process analysis and identification of a prioritized set of business processes that will be a solid match for Intelligent automation.
Suma Soft can enhance your capability to serve your customers proficiently by unleashing teams of digital worker bots. We can augment your existing customer engagement staff and automate several business processes, including complex decision making by utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our proprietary framework for hyper-automation implementation, best practices, and implementation methodologies guarantee scale and versatility irrespective of the underlying tools and deployment model.

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