ServiceNow Chatbot Development

What Is ServiceNow Chatbot Development?

ServiceNow Chatbot Development is the process of creating chatbots that integrate with the ServiceNow platform. The ServiceNow Chatbot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to converse with human users through a chat interface. ServiceNow Chatbots are used to answer common questions, provide information, and perform tasks on behalf of users.
ServiceNow Chatbot Development involves:
  • Building chatbots that can interact with the ServiceNow platform and perform tasks such as creating and updating records.
  • Resolving issues.
  • Providing information to users.
ServiceNow is a cloud-based SaaS platform that helps organizations manage and automate digital workflows. ServiceNow Chatbot Development involves:
  • Answering Common Questions
  • Providing Assistance with Tasks
  • Escalating & Resolving Issues
  • Gathering or Providing information to users.
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ServiceNow Chatbot Development Methodology

To develop a chatbot for the ServiceNow platform, you will need to:
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What Are The Prerequisites For ServiceNow Chatbot Development?

A few prerequisites are typically required for developing a chatbot on the ServiceNow platform. These include:
Outsourced BPO Services
Overall, having a ServiceNow account, familiarity with the platform and chatbot development, and access to relevant resources will give you a good foundation for developing a chatbot on the ServiceNow platform.

What Technologies Are Used In ServiceNow Chatbot Development?

ServiceNow Chatbot Development typically involves using a combination of the following technologies:
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