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Suma Soft is a leading provider of Mortgage Underwriting Services. We rely on rich experience and advanced tools to deliver accurate, cost-effective, and time-bound Residential Loan Underwriting Services to lenders and credit unions. Our Mortgage Underwriting Support Services help lenders and credit unions accelerate the process of offering financial support to buyers. We provide both end-to-end fulfillment and component-based solutions for ratio analysis, regulatory compliance, fraud detection, and analysis of the receiver's credit, income, assets, and collateral.

Our key underwriting responsibilities include the extended evaluation and analysis of mortgage loans, applicant creditworthiness, and receiver's credit history appraisal. We tend to host other associated services that include the precise assessment of applicant risk class and definite pricing for loans at par with market rates.

We work with the leading industry tools and adapt to your processes to offer a seamless and consistent experience from start to finish. Our end-to-end Mortgage Underwriting Support Services guarantee watertight underwriting scrutiny, better process quality, and professional underwriters, giving you the advantage of faster loan approvals and improved credit decisions.

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Mortgage Underwriting Process Steps

Pre-Qualifying (Loan Processing)

Once the borrower has agreed with the initial loan estimate, we start stacking and indexing all electronic loan documents. We order a thorough third-party verification of essential documents such as the appraisal reports, 4506T, HOI, VOE, Title Report, HOA, and so on. We thoroughly validate and update loan-level data in the loan origination system (LOS). All loan files are evaluated to identify the missing documents and data. This assessment process is vital and carried out prior to the underwriting stage. In the loan processing stage, we gather, update and review automated underwriting discoveries and feedback reports.

Gathering of Initial Documents

Our experienced team of underwriters evaluates the risk involved, submit the loan files to underwriting, and gather essential documents to clear the loan conditions. We make proper arrangements for a loan closing and validate the data utilized by the automated underwriting system to form a solid credit decision. 

For validation of documents, we check the 5 C’s, namely the Capacity( Income capacity of the borrower), Collateral (Value of the property), Credit Score, Capital (no. of assets), and Compliance. After evaluating the applications, income, supporting credit, and asset documentation, we perform AUS (Automated Underwriting System) to check eligibility. 

Steps in loan processing

Sending of Initial Disclosures (Mortgage Closing Services)

At this stage of mortgage process services, we perform the loan analysis to see if a transaction is “ready to close” and additionally examine the title. We execute tax, insurance, and reserve audits. Once the audit is done, we start preparing the fee sheet and send it for the client’s approval.

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