Managed Security Services

Stay Ahead of The Potential Security Incidents!

Suma Soft proactively supports the digital future of complex security and vulnerability challenges with the need of the hour. We provide continuous monitoring to recognize and counter cyber threats with rapid actions.

To stay updated with the ever-evolving data security landscape, outsourcing your security operations to experts equipped with the latest technology offerings is the only viable option.

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is pivoted on cutting-edge technology and a highly skilled team that works round-the-clock. Together, they work cohesively to monitor, prevent, detect, analyze and respond to cybersecurity threats. We designed our next-generation SOCs from the ground up to deliver holistic threat detection and response, enabling us to combat modern adversaries and disrupt their movements at progressively earlier stages.

Powerful security technologies, proven use cases, and experienced threat analysts decrease detection time to just a couple of days or hours and give unified visibility across technology landscapes.

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Our Managed Security Services Offering

Threat Monitoring & Hunting

We detect, analyze, and process threats faster with 24x7x365, intelligence-infused threat monitoring, and analysis. Our Threat Hunting teams proactively hunt for anomalies across the Cyber Kill Chain that get away from conventional security measures, giving you more prominent peace of mind that your critical assets are safe.

Cloud Security Monitoring

360-degree complete visibility into threats and misconfigurations across your cloud or hybrid IT environment. Our well-trained team will monitor Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Office 365 environments 24/7 and mobilize its resources to detect and respond to threats that target your users, data, device, and applications.

Vulnerability Scanning

Our Vulnerability Scanning service quickly scans, detects, and prioritizes vulnerabilities in your computing environments. Vulnerability scanning consistently identifies, classifies, and analyzes vulnerabilities across your IT infrastructure, web applications, or services.

Managed Detection & Response

We are a credible Managed Security Service Provider with complete visibility and better overall security by empowering businesses to rapidly detect and mitigate threats. We perform thorough security analytics for cloud, OT/ICS networks, applications, endpoints and provide custom threat hunting, alerting, and reporting.

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

The endpoint is seen by attackers as the most vulnerable point of most organizations' cyber defense systems. Our MDR service leverages expertly trained analysts to detect and respond to threats – known and unknown – that target the endpoint.

Security Device Support

Extensively trained, vendor-certified specialists quickly resolve potentially complex issues on your devices, empowering you to maintain business continuity and security.

Security Device Management

Control and optimize operating expenses by outsourcing device management. We have expertise in managing the full spectrum of security technologies from leading vendors and can monitor, configure, update, patch, and manage RMA. Whenever you need assistance, our 24/7 hotline service desk provides support on demand.

24/7 Incident Response Retainers

Our Incident Response Retainers provide you with a guaranteed expert response when you need it most. For a security breach, we are available to assist you with rapidly containing and mitigating risk. By crossing disciplines of cyber law, technology, forensics, and privacy, our consultants assist you in building a more offensive strategy against threats.

Key Components of Our Managed Security Services

A complete managed service
Pay-as-you-use approach to security

Round the clock
24×7 log collection, incident response, and active monitoring

Advanced capabilities
Security orchestration and response, advisory collaboration & reports

Real-time services
Real-time threat analysis and correlation aligned to current business risks

Specialized skills
Event-based threat hunting, intelligence, and more Strengthen your IT security landscape today!

Strengthen Your IT Security Landscape Today

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