Account Aggregator

Get certified using Daksh DEPA Validator to go live on the AA network

What is Account Aggregator?

Account Aggregator (AA) ecosystem is a digital platform that enables easy sharing &consumption of the user’s financial data from various entities with explicit user consent. It helps businesses and individuals share data in a secure, controlled manner and acts as acommon platform for capturing all financial details in one place.

Types of Participants on AA ecosystem

  • Financial Information Provider (FIP)
  • Financial Information User (FIU)
  • Account Aggregator (AA)

Implementation process

  • Development phase
  • Testing and deployment
  • Certification
  • Understanding existing application and adaptation of FIU, FIP and AA
  • Prerequisites for further process eg: testplan, documentation and technologyunderstanding.
  • Technical and operational requirement gathering

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  • API schema conformance
  • FI (Financial information) schema conformance
  • Integration of AA ecosystem participants’ systems with a Central Registry
  • Validation of the API request and response JSON structures
  • Validation of the Functional flow
  • Validate the use of encryption algorithms
  • Validate the implementations of required input data validations
  • Validate the cryptographic signature generation
  • Validate the access control of data through API to check authorized access

Certification Process

  • Login to DAKSH DEPA Validator
  • Select participant to be certified.
  • Start automatic test execution for validating technical controls as defined by ReBIT forFIP/AA/FIU modules
  • Download test execution reports
  • Collect evidences of policy controls while validation
  • Share Certificate to the Sahamati

What are the services offered by Suma Soft in this process of integration?

  • Functional Certification
  • API Performance testing
  • Data Quality Governance
  • Security Assessment

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