Data Security Services

Develop a Modern-Day Data Security Ecosystem

For over 20 years, Suma Soft has been one of the credible Data Security Services providers helping organizations to protect critical business data from undesirable access and mishandling of secure data from deletion, ransomware, and theft.

Our Data Security Services help you standardize and automate security within your processes by assessing the actual data authorization, encryption methods, authentication, password management, backup and recovery process review, and optimizing internal training programs. Our team of security practitioners will support you through the different challenges of developing a comprehensive security environment.

We start by reviewing your existing information security architecture, designs, and data flows to maximize your existing infrastructure. Then, we design and deliver an enterprise security architecture that best fits your organization's needs and business objectives while providing implementation guidance and support.

We help you understand your current business operations, technical requirements, and regulatory mandates to form a foundation for your information security environment. We will work with you to create and frequently update an over-arching enterprise security architecture that

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We can help you to do the following through our Data Protection Security Services


Where data is stored across your endpoints and servers, recognize actual data owners and be alerted to unusual activity.


How data is being utilized when users are on and off the corporate network

Protect Data

By notifying users about securing exposed files and folders, policy violations, and stopping outbound communications

Classify data

As it is created, empowering more control over even unstructured data

Manage data

Loss policies, workflow, remediation, reporting, and administration from a powerful web-based management console

Operationalize Data Security

We will show you how to build security into your ops team's processes.

Manage Access & Security

Access is a vital component of data security. We have experience in designing and enforcing an access policy.

Incorporate Governance Reporting & Auditing

It's a never-ending process to manage your security through data. We will assist you tomorrow as well as today.

Suma Soft's Data protection Security Services & Design For A Better Security Posture

Data Security Assessment, to analyze the maturity of your information security program, as well as identify risk, gaps, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

  • Information Security Data Governance, Comprehensive data security program to locate, identify and secure your organization’s most critical data. The Data Security Services assist your firm in compliance with different privacy laws and frameworks such as GDPR, CCPA, SHIELD, HIPAA, GLBA, NIST, ISO 27001, and others. 

  • Data Loss Prevention – the implementation of different techniques and solutions such as CASB, Data Classification Solutions, DLP, Vulnerability Management, and ongoing monitoring of crucial data to ensure data protection and data security.

Data Security & Data Protection Services

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