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Suma Soft offers on-demand, low-cost & robust cloud-testing solutions.

Cloud testing involves evaluating a provider’s architecture and resources for performance and proper functioning. Cloud Testing often involves testing the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) or infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings. Standard tests include assessments of scalability, disaster recovery capabilities, and data privacy and security. The scope of Cloud testing may also have the following:

Additionally, Cloud testing services may leverage cloud-based tools and resources for quality assurance testing.

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“Cloud testing” involves employing methodologies, tools & strategies to test a software application in the Cloud environment. Cloud Testing Services include Functional as well as Non-Functional approaches to application testing. Suma Soft’s Cloud Testing Services aim to make the application/software scalable, flexible & secure. Our engineers have profound experience building high-grade customized Quality Assurance & testing solutions to remarkably improve the quality of the Application without the high cost.

Given the benefits of the Cloud, enterprises are increasingly able to substantially cut time-to-market and avoid up-front costs when deploying new software and applications. Smooth implementation and integration of cloud platforms call for a robust cloud testing strategy that encompasses software functionality, data security, validation, privacy, integration, and application performance. With Suma Soft’s Cloud Testing Services, you are assured of hassle-free cloud implementation. As a Cloud Testing Service Provider, we have demonstrated expertise using functional and non-functional cloud testing methodologies.

Our certified testers are some of the best resources in the Cloud Testing industry, and our Testing services conform to international standards such as OSAWP & HIPAA.

Cloud Testing Services

Building and maintaining a cloud-testing infrastructure can be a daunting undertaking. The right approach would be to focus on the development and leave the testing to the dedicated Cloud Testing Service Provider. Suma Soft offers reliable Cloud Testing Solutions that help you deliver value in terms of high Customer Satisfaction. We assist enterprises in choosing the right approach in their Cloud adoption journey.

Challenges Faced by Enterprises while Adopting Cloud

According to a recent study, businesses can reduce the Total Cost of Ownership by approximately 40% by migrating to the Cloud. But the Cloud Adoption journey can be difficult if an overarching cloud testing strategy is not implemented. Organizations often face various functional issues like unreliable network connectivity, Cloud infrastructure instability, security loopholes, service unavailability, data loss, compatibility & interoperability issues, integration, etc. The untested Cloud service also experiences non-functional problems related to the non-scalability of the cloud solution and lack of resiliency.

Cloud operational issues originating from inadequate cloud testing strategy can increase the total cost of ownership, negatively affect user interaction with the touchpoints, and hamper the brand image and customer loyalty.

To accelerate the delivery of high-quality Cloud solutions, we use technologies to find abnormalities and provide comprehensive testing life cycle coverage. Our Cloud Testing Services adopt an overarching approach that expedites time-to-market and a positive customer experience. Suma Soft’s Cloud Testing Services take care of all types of Cloud Implementation projects, including legacy modernization, Cloud application development, cloud database, cloud-native, & SaaS.

Features of Our Cloud Testing Services

Mimic Real Traffic

By simulating real-world traffic and load, teams can test how well the Application can handle large volumes of requests and users and ensure that it will function properly in a production environment. Our testers measure the Application’s performance and response times under different load levels. They also simulate various types of traffic, such as user interactions or API calls, to test the Application’s behavior and performance under different scenarios. Our testing teams use cloud-based testing environments to spin up multiple virtual machines or containers to generate traffic and load on the Application to mimic real-world traffic patterns and load levels and ensure that the Application is ready for production.

Automation First Cloud Testing Approach

As a Cloud Testing Service Provider, we adopt an “Automation First” testing approach that emphasizes using automation to test the application/software. The “Automation First” Cloud Testing approach comes in handy as teams can leverage the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing to run large-scale automated tests. “Automation First” Cloud Testing allows teams to quickly and easily run extensive tests in parallel, significantly accelerating the testing process. This approach also enables our testing teams to test the scalability and performance of the applications under heavy load, which is essential for ensuring that applications will function properly in a production environment. In addition, Automation First Cloud Testing enables teams to automate many of the routine and repetitive tasks involved in testing, which can save time and resources. This approach also allows testers to efficiently and consistently reproduce test results, which is critical for ensuring the reliability and accuracy of test results.

Customized Testing Services

With no increase in delivery costs or delays, our Cloud Testing Services combine the most cutting-edge testing tools, testing environments, knowledge, talent, and resources to offer.

Testing Best Practices

As your Cloud Testing Service Provider, we deploy proven testing frameworks, templates, and best practices to create standardized testing procedures. Utilize Suma Soft’s industry-leading cloud testing solutions to lower business risk and deliver apps of higher quality faster. We add value to our Cloud testing service by adopting a collaborative methodology.

Cloud Testing Consulting

We help you determine opportunities for test automation process improvement and help you consolidate a robust test automation strategy and the requisite cloud testing tools. We guide you with the right technology and approach for faster results and time-to-market.

Save Cost

Get a quick return on your application investments by cutting out the upfront expenditures of software licensing and support and hardware administration and maintenance. Reduce the resources needed to maintain the current testing setups. With no increase in delivery costs or delays, our Cloud Testing Services combine the most cutting-edge testing tools, testing environments, knowledge, talent, and resources

Types of Cloud Testing Methods

AI-Based Testing

Utilizing AI techniques, our cloud testing services thoroughly test your product. The testing process becomes more intelligent and efficient when AI-enabled testing is used since it decreases testing time, increases accuracy, and broadens the process. Logical reasoning and problem-solving techniques enhance the overall testing process by adding AI to cloud testing. Artificial intelligence (AI) testing tools are used to run tests that are designed and run automatically using data and algorithms.

Cloud Security Testing

It involves testing the security measures of a cloud computing system to ensure that it is secure and that it meets the security requirements of the organization using it. Cloud Security Testing includes testing the system for vulnerabilities and potential threats and implementing security measures to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches. Cloud security testing aims to provide a secure environment for storing and accessing sensitive data in the Cloud.

Cloud Testing Automation

Suma Soft’s Cloud Testing Services leverage Cloud testing automation using tools and software to create highly scalable cloud testing solutions that adapt to the changing nature of business requirements. Suma Soft’s Cloud Testing Automation Services can help organizations save time and resources by eliminating the need for manual testing. It can also improve the accuracy and consistency of the testing process. Our team of experienced and certified testers have expertise in the latest tools and techniques in cloud testing automation.

Cloud ETL Testing

ETL Testing involves:

The ETL testing procedure and tools used by Suma Soft make sure that all requirements are met and that the transformation rules are followed while transferring data from many sources to a single repository. Additionally, the procedure aids in the early detection and reduction of flaws and faults.

Non-Functional Testing in Cloud

Our Cloud Testing Services evaluate the non-functional aspects of a system, such as performance, scalability, security, and usability. This type of Cloud Testing concerns how well a system performs its intended functions rather than the specific functionality itself. In cloud computing, non-functional testing can help ensure that a system running in the Cloud can handle the unique challenges and requirements of a cloud environment, such as distributed architecture, network latency, and dynamic resource allocation.

Functional Testing in Cloud

This method tests a cloud-based application’s operational [functional] aspects. Cloud Functional Testing Service ensures the Application performs the tasks it was designed to do and can deliver the expected results. The Cloud Functional Testing method tests the Application’s input and output and its ability to handle different data types and scenarios

Cloud Reliability Testing

Cloud reliability testing aims to provide a secure and reliable environment for storing and accessing sensitive data in the Cloud. Cloud reliability testing also involves testing the various components of the cloud system, such as the virtual machines, the containers, and the multiple services offered. It includes testing the network connectivity, the servers, and the storage systems to ensure that they can handle the expected load. Cloud Reliability testing also involves monitoring the system over time to identify any potential issues or problems that may arise.

Cloud Penetration Testing

This cloud testing method evaluates the security of a cloud environment. Suma Soft’s Cloud Penetration Testing involves simulating an attack on the system to identify potential vulnerabilities and assess the ability of the system to defend against those attacks. Cloud penetration testing typically includes various activities, such as accessing unauthorized data, disrupting services, or finding ways to bypass security controls. The goal of cloud penetration testing is to help organizations ensure that their cloud computing environments are secure and able to protect sensitive data.

End-to-End Testing

We can also perform End-to-end cloud testing to validate the performance & functionality of a cloud application by simulating real-world situations with real-world data. Our Cloud Testing Service supports your efforts in the Agile transition.

Compatibility testing

This cloud testing method evaluates how well a system works with other systems or components. Compatibility testing may include testing the system with different hardware or software configurations or versions of the same software.

Remote Cloud Testing

Our Remote Cloud Testing Service eliminates the need to set up and maintain a dedicated testing infrastructure. Our Remote cloud testing services include functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and more. Remote cloud testing is more convenient and cost-effective and delivers quick results.

Testing Solutions for all Cloud Platform

Mobile Cloud Testing

Mobile cloud testing refers to testing mobile applications and services hosted on cloud platforms, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure. Our Mobile Cloud Testing Services allow organizations to test their mobile applications and services at scale, using a combination of real devices and virtualized environments. Our Cloud Testing Services can help ensure that the applications and services perform as expected on various devices and operating systems. It can also help organizations identify and fix issues before they impact end users. Additionally, mobile cloud testing can help businesses save time and money by reducing the need for on-premises infrastructure and allowing for more efficient use of resources.

Public Cloud Testing

Suma Soft’s Cloud Testing Services include Application testing in a Public Cloud environment. Organizations seeking to benefit from the scalability, flexibility, and affordability of Public Cloud services can adopt this testing method. Organizations can test their applications and services in the Public Cloud in a setting that closely reflects the actual production setting. Suma Soft’s Cloud Testing Services allow organizations to test their apps on a much grander scale than they could with a private or on-premises testing environment. Load testing, performance testing, and functional testing are typical applications for public cloud testing.

Hybrid Cloud Testing

Hybrid cloud testing refers to testing applications and services hosted on a combination of on-premises and cloud computing platforms. In a hybrid cloud environment, an organization may use its on-premises infrastructure for some of its applications and services while using cloud platforms for others. Suma Soft’s Hybrid Cloud Testing Services allow the organization to take advantage of the benefits of both on-premises and cloud environments, such as the flexibility & scalability of the Cloud and the control and security of the on-premises infrastructure. Hybrid cloud testing can help organizations ensure that their applications and services perform as expected across both on-premises and cloud environments. It can also help them identify and fix issues before they impact end users.

Private Cloud Testing

Private cloud testing involves using a private cloud platform to test applications and services. In a private cloud, the platform is owned and operated by a single organization and is typically hosted on the organization’s on-premises infrastructure. Organizations can use Suma Soft’s private cloud testing services to test their applications and services in a secure and controlled environment without sharing resources with other organizations. Private Cloud Testing helps them ensure the security and privacy of their data and provides more flexibility and control over their testing processes. Private cloud testing also helps businesses save time and money by reducing their reliance on external infrastructure and allowing for more efficient use of their resources.

Stand Alone Testing

This type of Cloud testing is limited to testing a specific component of the Application to validate its functionality, and the testing is carried out under simulated real-world conditions and scenarios. We provide isolated consulting on specific technical issues concerning testing in the Cloud.

Cloud Native Testing Services

We use a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) approach to meet the additional integration testing problems brought on by Native Cloud App development. Applications built for the native-cloud run in a dispersed, elastic, and dynamic environment. When there is a need to expand the capacity, they scale up; when demand declines, they scale back. Additionally, because the apps are loosely connected, they are independent of infrastructure components. Our testers test the entire workflow as well as each component separately. That increases end-to-end testing and adds a new layer of micro-level decision-making. Our methodology focuses on testing against each service, turning them on and off, just as it would in the real world because cloud-native apps use so many different services. Non-functional testing, which verifies that deployed software satisfies the non-functional requirements for scalability, adaptability, and resilience, is given more importance in creating cloud-native applications.

Cloud Infrastructure Testing

It is an essential attribute of the larger Cloud Testing Service. Cloud Infrastructure Testing is a process of testing the various components of a cloud system, including the hardware, software, and networks that make up the system. This type of Cloud Testing ensures the infrastructure is reliable, scalable, and secure and can support the performance and availability of cloud-based applications and services and test the interactions between the different components of the cloud infrastructure. Cloud infrastructure testing ensures the quality and reliability of the underlying infrastructure that supports cloud-based applications and services and can help them prevent potential vulnerabilities and threats.

Cloud Testing FAQs

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Cloud Testing?

There are several potential benefits to outsourcing cloud testing services, including:

Access to Specialized Expertise and Skills: By outsourcing cloud testing, organizations can access the expertise and skills of experienced and certified testers with the sound knowledge and experience needed to ensure the quality and security of their cloud-based systems.

Cost savings: Outsourcing cloud testing can help organizations save money by reducing their need for in-house testing resources. It can be especially beneficial for organizations that need more resources or expertise to conduct cloud testing in-house.

Best Practices: As a Cloud Testing Service Provider, we employ cloud testing best practices and industry standards that are more beneficial than in-house testing

Access to the latest tools and technologies: Outsourcing cloud testing to a dedicated partner can provide organizations with access to the latest tools and technologies, ensuring their cloud-based systems are tested rigorously using the most advanced and effective methods.

What is Our Technology Stack used in Cloud Testing?

Some standard components of our cloud testing technology stack include:

  • Load Testing Tools: These tools simulate high levels of traffic and usage on cloud-based systems and test their performance and scalability. Examples of cloud load-testing tools we use are Apache JMeter and LoadRunner.

  • Security Testing Tools: They test the security of cloud-based systems, including the effectiveness of security measures such as firewalls and encryption. Burp Suite and Metasploit are the standard cloud security testing tools we use.

  • Compatibility Testing Tools: These test the compatibility of cloud-based systems with different browsers, operating systems, and devices. Examples include BrowserStack and Selenium.

  • Performance Monitoring Tools: They monitor the performance of cloud-based systems in real-time to identify potential issues and weaknesses. Standard tools used for Cloud Performance Monitoring are New Relic and Datadog.

  • Cost Optimization Tools: These tools analyze the costs of cloud-based systems and identify opportunities for reducing costs and improving efficiency. Examples of cost optimization tools include Cloudability and CloudCheckr.

What is Resilience Testing in the Cloud?

It determines how well a system can recover from failures, disruptions, or other adverse events. As a Cloud Testing Service Provider, Suma Soft’s Cloud Resilience testing focuses on evaluating a cloud system’s ability to maintain its performance and functionality during and after a disruption and how quickly and effectively it can recover from it. Cloud Resilience testing is often a part of the broader QA or Risk Management process. It may involve simulating various types of failures or disruptions to test the system’s response.

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