Cloud Testing Services

Cloud Testing To Ensure Reliable Data Protection

Suma Soft offers on-demand, low-cost & robust cloud-testing solutions.
Cloud testing involves evaluating a provider’s architecture and resources for performance and proper functioning. Cloud Testing often involves testing the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) or infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings. Standard tests include assessments of scalability, disaster recovery capabilities, and data privacy and security. The scope of Cloud testing may also have the following:
  • Testing cloud-native software.
  • Quality assurance testing of software-as-a-service products that reside in the Cloud.
  • Software testing with cloud-based tools.
Additionally, Cloud testing services may leverage cloud-based tools and resources for quality assurance testing.
“Cloud testing” involves employing methodologies, tools & strategies to test a software application in the Cloud environment. Cloud Testing Services include Functional as well as Non-Functional approaches to application testing. Suma Soft’s Cloud Testing Services aim to make the application/software scalable, flexible & secure. Our engineers have profound experience building high-grade customized Quality Assurance & testing solutions to remarkably improve the quality of the Application without the high cost.
Given the benefits of the Cloud, enterprises are increasingly able to substantially cut time-to-market and avoid up-front costs when deploying new software and applications. Smooth implementation and integration of cloud platforms call for a robust cloud testing strategy that encompasses software functionality, data security, validation, privacy, integration, and application performance. With Suma Soft’s Cloud Testing Services, you are assured of hassle-free cloud implementation. As a Cloud Testing Service Provider, we have demonstrated expertise using functional and non-functional cloud testing methodologies.
Our certified testers are some of the best resources in the Cloud Testing industry, and our Testing services conform to international standards such as OSAWP & HIPAA.

Cloud Testing Services

Building and maintaining a cloud-testing infrastructure can be a daunting undertaking. The right approach would be to focus on the development and leave the testing to the dedicated Cloud Testing Service Provider. Suma Soft offers reliable Cloud Testing Solutions that help you deliver value in terms of high Customer Satisfaction. We assist enterprises in choosing the right approach in their Cloud adoption journey.
Challenges Faced by Enterprises while Adopting Cloud
According to a recent study, businesses can reduce the Total Cost of Ownership by approximately 40% by migrating to the Cloud. But the Cloud Adoption journey can be difficult if an overarching cloud testing strategy is not implemented. Organizations often face various functional issues like unreliable network connectivity, Cloud infrastructure instability, security loopholes, service unavailability, data loss, compatibility & interoperability issues, integration, etc. The untested Cloud service also experiences non-functional problems related to the non-scalability of the cloud solution and lack of resiliency.
Cloud operational issues originating from inadequate cloud testing strategy can increase the total cost of ownership, negatively affect user interaction with the touchpoints, and hamper the brand image and customer loyalty.
To accelerate the delivery of high-quality Cloud solutions, we use technologies to find abnormalities and provide comprehensive testing life cycle coverage. Our Cloud Testing Services adopt an overarching approach that expedites time-to-market and a positive customer experience. Suma Soft’s Cloud Testing Services take care of all types of Cloud Implementation projects, including legacy modernization, Cloud application development, cloud database, cloud-native, & SaaS.

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