CERT-IN Certification

Suma Soft CERT In Certification

Suma Soft is an Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, CERT-IN (www.cert-in.org.in) impaneled provider for IT Security Audit Services since 2012. Since then, Suma Soft has been instrumental in providing Enterprise Security Solutions Implementation in the USA and India. This is an acknowledgment of our technical expertise in conducting Information Security Audits.

Organizations who get their IT infrastructure audited by Suma Soft can rest assured that best-in-class practices and benchmarks as recommended by CERT-IN are used to conduct the audits.

As an ISO 27001 certified company, we strictly adhere to data security measures to ensure confidentiality. We also have an ISO 9001 certificate for quality management.

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Audit for Penetration Testing

As an impaneled IT, auditor, we conduct audits for Penetration Testing of Web Applications, and Networks of various enterprises, Government or even other PSU organization that has to undergo an annual IS Audit.

Technical Internal Vulnerability Assessment

Suma Soft conducts technical internal vulnerability assessments on servers and network devices to identify the IT infrastructure's weak points.

Improve Clients’ Credibility

These audits allow our clients to be proactive in identifying vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure.

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