AI Services

Optimize Business Processes and Drive Business Results Through AI Services & Solutions

We at Suma Soft strongly believe that business issues can be mitigated by applying a thought toward the strategic and systematic use of AI Services & solutions. With this belief, Suma Soft helps enterprises unlock business value through the integration of RPA, AI, and ML and at the same time improve efficiency, productivity, and hence the business revenue.

Our experts leverage AI and ML's core cognitive capabilities such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Pattern Recognition, Classification, and Deep Learning to enable computers to process information from a wide variety of input sources such as Text, Emails, Documents, Video, SMS to understand the context and determine the course of action.

Using AI Services & solutions, we deliver breakthrough results by helping enterprises reduce headcount, minimize risk, know their customers better, and automate decision-making. In addition to providing assistance with planning the intelligent automation journey, Suma Soft also helps enterprises speed up processes as well as cull out critical insights and trends from structured and unstructured data.

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Suma Soft's AI Services & Solutions Strategy

Scope of Automation Changes

We shift focus from simple rules-based tasks to knowledge work, with a greater return on investment and more dynamic experiences.

Utilization of a Wide Range of Tools to Manage Work

RPA alone is no longer sufficient. We combine RPA with different tools since enterprises need machine learning to understand business processes better.

Architecting for Agility

We help organizations to quickly reconfigure processes as needs evolve, requiring agile working practices and tools.

Workforce Engagement

We involve employees to reinvent their operations to achieve more significant impact, requiring cross-departmental initiatives and better partners' use.

Take The Lead on HyperAutomation with AI

We help you do more, discover more, and see the true impact of automation on your digital transformation.