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Transforming Software Testing With Scriptless Test Automation

Suma Soft’s scriptless test automation empowers the testers and business users to automate test cases without agonizing over the coding. As testing demands functional knowledge, scriptless automation would eliminate scripting to empower business and functional experts to create automated tests. We at Suma Soft assist businesses to achieve faster outcomes and reduce the time to understand the code.
With our Scriptless Automation Testing Services, your complete software development process will be accelerated. Our effective scriptless automation testing strategy allows enterprises to participate in test automation and expands the scope of code reusability.
Our experienced scriptless test automation specialists accelerate continuous delivery and lead to more viable test suites. We build a well-designed scriptless framework that can achieve a higher maintenance level, enabling you to adequately change workflows and data while being in complete control of the impact on overall automation.

Benefits Of Suma Soft's Scriptless Coding

  • The automated steps and data utilized for each testing step will be in a more coherent format as English-like keywords will be utilized to write the test steps.
  • Automating test cases get simpler and more extensive as code will not be written to automate the steps.
  • With the help of predefined keywords, the time for automating tests/scenarios is reduced extensively.
  • Test script maintenance becomes easier, debugging is simpler and less tedious as there is no technical code, and all the test steps are written in an English-like language with descriptions.
  • Eliminating coding is tool explicit. The clients don’t need to learn specific languages that would be utilized by different tools to automate the tests.
  • Configurability is easy as it makes test automation assets easy to confirm for various requirements with insignificant changes.
  • Non-technical test engineers, functional experts, or business analysts can contribute to test automation or review automated test scripts without any knowledge of the code.
  • Creating and overseeing complex tests is easier with the utilization of keywords and custom keywords.
  • Testers can invest more time analyzing test results, identifying defects, focusing on business areas/functional aspects, etc.
  • Both automated and manual tests can reside in the same location and give transparency about what is automated and what is not.
  • Promote greater stakeholder participation and build efficiency and coverage of the testing process.
  • With Scriptless Automation Testing Services that reduce nearly 50% of the test automation efforts, work efficiency will be high.

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