Challenges & Metric for testing Video Conference application

Live Webinars, Virtual events, and conferences have become vital for communicating, collaborating, and selling products and services. Ensuring the rich media runs seamlessly for all users and participants. To deliver a delightful user experience. 
With our expertise in video conference testing services. We have put together a few key metrics you should monitor and challenges related to testing streaming applications. 
Metrics — Buffering time , Lagging time, Data consumed, Lagging Ratio, Platform Capability, Subtitle Synchronization

Challenges And Its Solution
1. Response Time In Different Networks And Varying Data Speed.

The ideal procedure will be to have a tool that gives access to test an application across different networks of varying data speed.

2. Multiple Device & Browser Testing

Providing flexible access to users and participants on smartphone, desktop, tablet, and even a 4K TV  screen is exciting. The testing may invite complications. The ideal scenario, in that case, is to use a cloud-based, cross-device, and cross-browser testing platform, OR Connect to physical devices in global locations where you can seamlessly test your application through connected medium.

3. Traffic and Video Quality

Any app comes with a limitation of traffic and it gets challenging to guess the right number of maximum user count that can access a specific video at any given point of time. The best way to address this challenge during the testing phase is to pre-define a maximum attendee limit and run the performance test for better video conferencing experience.