ServiceNow Migration

ServiceNow Migration Services

Suma Soft provides Legacy to ServiceNow Migration Services, designed to help organizations transition from legacy systems to the ServiceNow platform. Legacy systems need to be updated and may have limited capabilities, making them unable to keep up with the changing needs of the business. They may not be scalable, lack integration potential with other systems, have insufficient security features, be challenging to maintain and support, and incur high costs for upgrading or replacing them.

Migrating to ServiceNow addresses these issues as it provides a centralized, cloud-based platform that is scalable and seamlessly integrates with other systems. Migrating to the ServiceNow platform offers a single comprehensive solution for various business requirements, such as IT service management, IT operations management, security operations, Asset Management, Operations, Customer Service, Human Resources, etc. Besides, ServiceNow provides real-time data and insights, making it easier for organizations to make data-driven decisions. It gives IT Governance and better IT service management capabilities, making Migrating to ServiceNow a better solution than legacy systems. Adopting ServiceNow can improve efficiency, productivity, and service quality and reduce costs.

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ServiceNow Migration Consultancy

Suma Soft offers consultancy services for migrating to ServiceNow, providing assistance and support to companies moving from their current systems to ServiceNow before and during the migration process. These services include assessing the current IT environment, developing a migration plan, data migration, testing, and validation, and providing best practices and tips for a successful migration. These Migration services are provided by Suma Soft experts who are well-versed in legacy systems, ServiceNow, and the migration process to ensure a seamless transition to the new platform with minimal disruption to business operations.

ServiceNow End-User Training

Suma Soft offers post-migration training to end users to ensure they can use the new ServiceNow system effectively. This training covers all aspects of the system, including navigation, data entry, reporting, and troubleshooting. It enables end users to use the system to improve their productivity efficiently.

Upgrading ServiceNow to New Release

Suma Soft offers comprehensive upgrade services for organizations using an older ServiceNow release and looking to upgrade to a newer one. Our team of experts chalks out a detailed upgrade plan that minimizes disruption and ensures a smooth transition to the latest release. ServiceNow upgrade includes testing and validating the new system & data migration, ensuring that all relevant data is transferred to the new release without any loss or errors.

ServiceNow Migration Process

Assessment: We identify and evaluate the current legacy system and determine the scope of the migration, including the data, configurations, and processes that need to be moved to ServiceNow.

Planning: This involves creating a detailed plan for the migration, including timelines, resources, and any necessary customizations to ServiceNow.

Data migration involves extracting data from the legacy system and loading it into ServiceNow, including mapping and transforming the data to fit the ServiceNow schema.

Configuration migration involves migrating custom configurations, workflows, and scripts from the legacy system to ServiceNow.

Testing: This involves testing the migrated data, configurations, and processes to ensure they are working correctly and that there are no errors or data loss.

Go-live: This involves deploying the migrated data, configurations, and processes to the production ServiceNow instance and making them available to users.

Post-migration support involves:

  • Providing ongoing support for the migration.
  • Troubleshooting any issues that may arise.
  • Making necessary updates or improvements to the ServiceNow instance.

Benefits of Migrating to ServiceNow

Improved efficiency: ServiceNow streamlines and automates IT processes, allowing teams to work optimally.

Increased visibility: Allows teams to have better visibility into the status of IT projects and issues.

Enhanced Collaboration: Facilitates better collaboration between IT teams and other departments, as well as with external partners and vendors.

Improved Service Management: Migrating to ServiceNow allows for better management of IT services, including incident management, request management, problem management, and change management.

Better Asset Management: ServiceNow’s capabilities allow teams to track and manage IT assets, including hardware, software, and licenses.

Meet Compliance Requirements: ServiceNow provides built-in compliance capabilities, which can help organizations meet regulatory requirements and maintain compliance with industry standards.

Scalable Platform: ServiceNow’s cloud-based platform allows organizations to scale their IT services as their needs change easily.

Insightful Reporting: ServiceNow provides extensive reporting capabilities, allowing teams to track and analyze IT performance metrics quickly.

Better integration: ServiceNow integrates with other tools, platforms, and tools like Jira, Salesforce, and Slack, which allows teams to work more seamlessly across different systems. 

About Suma Soft

Suma Soft is a leading ServiceNow Managed Service Provider (MSP) that helps organizations migrate from legacy systems to ServiceNow. With years of experience in IT service management, Suma Soft’s team of experts can help organizations streamline their IT processes and improve efficiency. The company offers various services, including a legacy to ServiceNow migration, incident management, request management, problem management, and change management. Suma Soft’s certified ServiceNow professionals can assist with data migration, system integration, and ongoing ServiceNow support. Suma Soft’s migration services are designed to be cost-effective, efficient, and minimize disruption to business operations.

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