Vanie – Call Audit Solution

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Identify the Hidden Potential of Your Customer Interactions with our AL / ML-based automated call audit and conversation intelligence solution, specifically designed for call centers.

Transformative Benefits of Vanie - 100% Calls Audited

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How does Vanie work?

Vanie’s cutting-edge AI and ML technology empowers Call Centers to conduct comprehensive, automated audits on all calls reliably. Vanie securely archives call recordings, employing advanced algorithms to transcribe audio content into text for analysis. The call audit assesses various call aspects, including agent tone, customer verification, greetings, grammar usage, speech rate, and product information accuracy. Each parameter receives a score based on the agent’s interaction quality. This detailed feedback, comprising parameter scores, is presented to both managers and agents via dashboards. These dashboards, promptly updated after each call, offer instant insights into call quality, ensuring continuous improvement and informed decision-making at all operational levels.

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