Performance Testing Services

Ensure Excellent Performance of Your Business-Critical Applications

Suma Soft’s Centre of Excellence is dedicated to managing, validating, and monitoring your application and software performance throughout the system development life cycle. We focus on improving the overall end-user performance and end-user experience.

Suma Soft uses open source tools such as JMeter to test behavior and measure performance for different loads. Our testing team helps clients to decide how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability of an application under a particular load.

By conducting extensive research, our experienced testers develop testing frameworks to accelerate your business and optimize the testing.

Suma Soft testers recently helped our clients to conduct tests for 60k-100k concurrent users and enabled them to win a government tender for online examination. Furthermore, our proven testing strategies helped them to bring the application up to the mark with the guidelines.

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Suma Soft’s Expertise in Performance Testing Services

Our Performance Testing Process

Our experience in the software testing domain has helped us develop a performance testing approach that can be customized to your individual requirements. We follow a proven methodology to execute performance testing, which includes –

Identify the Testing Environment
In the first step, we will understand the client’s testing requirements and select the best-suited testing environment for the project.

Recognize the Performance Entry & Exit Acceptance Criteria
Once we have understood the client’s requirements and the challenges they’ve faced so far, we will set the exact performance entry and exit acceptance criteria after consulting the client.

Plan & Design Performance Tests
In this step, our experienced team of software testers helps in planning and designing the performance tests as per the software application’s architecture and the client’s requirements.

Configuring the Test Environment
Once the performance tests are designed and well-planned, we configure the test environment in which the tests will be run.

Implement and Run
Once the test environment is configured, we will implement the test design and run the planned tests to look for any kind of inconsistencies.

Analyze, Tune, & Retest
We will analyze the outcomes of the performance tests, retune the application, and re-run the performance tests on the application.

Safeguard Your Brand With Smart Load & Performance Testing

Let us conduct relevant types of performance testing to make sure your application is stable and scalable.