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Suma Soft is a leading Amazon Web Services provider that offers a wide range of Amazon Cloud Services, including cloud consulting, management, and support solutions & services for AWS-hosted IT infrastructure. Additionally, we assist businesses with AWS implementation, configuration, migration, deployment, and monitoring to ensure a smooth and seamless cloud transition.

Our AWS Managed Services have empowered businesses to move their applications to the cloud and manage them effortlessly at a minimal cost. Our team comprises seasoned AWS consultants and developers who can optimize and leverage AWS Cloud to enhance your business's overall productivity and efficiency. Moreover, we have helped several large enterprises as well as start-ups to embrace cloud productively.

We understand your unique requirements and tailor the most optimized solutions for your business. Let's create your roadmap for the AWS cloud journey.

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Amazon Cloud Services & Solutions We Offer

AWS Cloud Consulting Service

We will develop a complete future state definition by conducting a series of workshops to include the best cloud tools, technologies, architecture, processes, the total cost of ownership, and the managed services requirements.

AWS Cloud Migration Service

We will help you successfully migrate and deploy various web-based and enterprise applications and ensure it responds well to auto-scaling and Fault-Tolerant.

AWS Managed Services

Our Expert AWS cloud team manages your AWS-based infrastructure, associated databases, and applications deployed on AWS to ensure maximum output through the integrated AWS services.

AWS Implementation

We implement comprehensive AWS infrastructure and application architecture, followed by deploying the business applications on AWS cloud.

Amazon Web Services Integration

We integrate AWS Cloud with the existing on-premise resources to enable the adoption of the hybrid cloud model and accelerate your business growth and reduce costs.

Data Warehouse on AWS

We help you design a data warehouse for the business, implement it on Amazon Redshift and manage it 24*7 as per your needs.

Our Methodology

Cloud Assessment & Strategy

We identify and outline the existing enterprise IT landscape in terms of technology, business compliance, financial ROI, network performance, end-user experience, security and compliance, software license and map it to the ideal cloud requirements.

Design & Implementation

Our cloud architects team will design the best architecture for the public cloud while focusing on the vital business drivers ranging from IT consolidation, business expansion, platform scalability, cost reduction, and IT virtualization for flexibility and reducing the operational burden.

Data Center to Cloud Migration

After the pre-migration status evaluation on the IT landscape and workload prioritization and security, DR, and backup processes, we execute a quick and seamless migration of data centers or applications to the cloud without affecting the live deployment.

Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR)

In case of disaster recovery, the system streams incremental data consistently to provide a near-zero RPO (Recovery Point Objective) with a completely working, updated environment live within minutes of a failure. This all will be achieved with minimum effort and cost.

Cloud Storage

Our Cloud Storage Services combines Amazon cloud storage with on-premises applications, managed end-point software agents, and mobile apps in a unified, hybrid architecture that delivers storage, data protection, and collaboration capabilities in a single, cost-effective solution.

Cloud Optimization and Automation

We follow a balanced approach for optimizing performance by considering the existing Architecture, Business perspective, and Performance expectations. We will identify bottlenecks and resolve them by implementing the best architecture and design practices.

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