What Competitive Advantages Do PWAs Offer Over Traditional Mobile Apps?

pwa advantages over traditional apps
As technology advances, mobile apps have seamlessly integrated into everyday activities. They keep us connected, informed, and entertained. In this mobile-first world, a solid mobile presence is critical for businesses. However, getting noticed can take time and effort, with many options overflowing the app stores. That’s where Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) shine. PWAs are a powerful innovation that bridges the gap between websites and traditional apps, offering users unique advantages.

Did you know that 79% of smartphone users in the United States make online purchases, with a significant portion of those transactions happening on mobile devices? This presents a massive pool of potential customers that businesses can tap into. And that’s where the advantages of progressive web apps come in – they can help you reach them effectively.

But What Exactly are PWAs?

PWAs are websites that have been supercharged to act like native mobile apps. They offer the best of both worlds: the ease of access to a website and the functionality of an app. PWAs are built using web technologies you already know (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), but they leverage potent features.

Here are the advantages of progressive web apps and what makes PWA so powerful:

Offline Functionality:

One significant advantage of progressive web apps is their offline functionality. PWAs are your workhorses on the go, functioning even without an internet connection. This lets you access information and complete tasks wherever you are. This is a game-changer for users in areas with unreliable internet or those who frequently experience spotty connections.

Push Notifications

PWAs can send alerts and updates like native apps, keeping you informed and engaged. Imagine getting notified about a sale at your favorite store or receiving real-time order updates—all without having a dedicated app on your phone.

Home Screen Installation

One of the advantages of progressive web apps is that they offer an app-like experience without needing to download and install anything. Users can add the PWA to their home screen, creating a one-click shortcut for easy access. This provides the convenience of a native app while keeping things streamlined.
The advantages of progressive web apps (PWAs) shine through in their ability to deliver a seamless and engaging mobile experience without a bulky app download. PWAs offer a compelling alternative to traditional apps by providing customers with a smoother, more convenient user experience while reducing business development costs and ongoing maintenance burdens.

Competitive advantages of progressive web apps over Traditional Mobile Apps:

Cost-Effective Development:

Creating individual applications for platforms such as iOS and Android can be costly and time-consuming. However, with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), you can use preexisting web technologies to develop a single codebase compatible with all devices. This results in quicker development time and substantial cost savings.

Happy Users, Happy Business:

With the average user juggling over 80 apps but only using a few regularly, developing native apps (for iOS and Android) can be time-consuming and expensive. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) offer a compelling alternative. However, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) can leverage existing web technologies, which makes development quicker and lower costs. This translates to faster time-to-market, and you can invest more resources in other business areas.

Fast loading time

The advantages of progressive web apps include their lightning-fast loading times and their ability to offer lightning-fast loading times even with limited internet access. They also work offline, so users can access information and features anytime, anywhere, leading to a smoother and more enjoyable user experience.

Engagement on Autopilot

PWAs can use push notifications, just like native apps, to remind users of special offers, updates, or abandoned carts. This encourages users to return and boosts engagement with your business.

SEO Advantage:

One key advantage of progressive web apps (PWAs) is their searchability. Unlike native apps, PWAs are easily discoverable through search engines like Google. This means potential customers can find your business simply by searching the web without knowing your app name or navigating app marketplaces. This advantage can significantly increase your discoverability and reach.

Reach a Global Audience:

App stores have certain limitations, which can be overcome with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Unlike native apps, PWAs can be accessed via a web browser, regardless of the device or location. PWAs eliminate the hurdles of app store approvals and compatibility concerns, allowing you to reach a wider audience quickly.
The advantages of progressive web apps (PWAs) make them a compelling value proposition for businesses seeking to establish a solid mobile presence without the investment required by traditional app development methods. But are PWAs the future? The numbers paint a clear picture – with their intuitive interface, wider market reach, and cost-efficiency, PWAs are disrupting the mobile app landscape.

Are PWAs Right for Your Business?

While Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) offer many benefits, there might be better solutions for some businesses.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself before you decide:

Existing App Presence:
If you already have a successful native app, a PWA might not be necessary.
Target Audience:
PWAs are ideal for businesses targeting a broad audience or those with users who might not readily download apps.
Functionalities Required:
A native app might be better for complex functionalities that rely heavily on device features.

PWAs in Action

The advantages of progressive web apps are undeniable. Many major companies are already leveraging PWAs to achieve impressive results. For instance, Pinterest saw a 40% increase in user engagement after implementing a PWA. The famous fashion brand Alibaba experienced a 76% conversion rate increase thanks to their PWA. These are just a few examples of how PWAs can transform how businesses connect with their mobile audience.
Understanding the advantages of progressive web apps (PWAs) is essential, regardless of whether you choose a PWA or a traditional mobile app. PWAs offer a compelling combination of faster development, superior user experience, wider reach, and increased discoverability. If you’re looking to build a mobile presence that’s cost-effective, user-friendly, and future-proof, a PWA might be the perfect solution for your business.

Suma Soft: Your PWA Partner

At Suma Soft, our development team has extensive experience crafting high-performing PWAs. We understand the unique considerations and can help you create a PWA that aligns perfectly with your business goals. Here’s how we can help:
Data-driven UX design:
We prioritize user experience, ensuring your PWA is intuitive and engaging, keeping users coming back for more.
Strategic PWA development:
We’ll help you develop a PWA strategy that complements your overall mobile presence and drives measurable results.
PWAs offer a unique blend of convenience, speed, and functionality. They’re perfect for businesses that want to reach a wider audience without the burden of a traditional app download. Ready to see if a PWA is the right fit for your mobile strategy?