There is no substitute to Hard Work

There is nothing you can’t achieve if you put your mind to it. Narendra was starlit by how hacking works. Since then he made his endeavour to learn, find vulnerabilities and educate others on ethical hacking. He started his bug bounty journey in 2013 soon enough he excelled in identifying product and system vulnerabilities for big firms […]



Challenges & Metric for testing Video Conference application

Live Webinars, Virtual events, and conferences have become vital for communicating, collaborating, and selling products and services. Ensuring the rich media runs seamlessly for all users and participants. To deliver a delightful user experience. With our expertise in video conference testing services. We have put together a few key metrics you should monitor and challenges related to[…]

Suma Soft Completes 20 years



Suma Soft Completes 20 years

Suma Soft completes 20 years this month. We thank our clients, employees, and partners for their contributions to our continued success. When we started in May 2000 the technology industry was booming, and we were enjoying a strong wave of growth and innovation.  Reflecting on the past two decades in business and what comes to mind are[…]