Integration of IoT Components

Digitally Transformed customer experience for a leading insurance firm in USA.

Client’s Background

Our client is a tech heavy-vehicle insurance provider in the USA and offers IoT based game-changing insurance to fleet owners and trucking companies. They follow a focused approach to meet the needs of midsize to large fleet owners and trucking companies.

Project Requirements

As a tech insurance player, it's critical to have access to a high-performing software development team with proficient development skills. Getting this done on-shore was a huge challenge for the client due to the unavailability of manpower and money. Additionally, there is a constant market requirement, product innovations, and updates to the platform required to be done at speed.

The client needed an exceptional off-shore team to quickly add the platform's required features and ensure the platform meets the market expectations. Lastly, they wanted analytical reports for quick decision-making on insurance values with their technology product in place.


Suma Soft quickly understood the client's requirement and deployed a dedicated, experienced tech team for the client's project. A rigorous client-specific training program was implemented to ensure the team came up to speed on the domain expertise. After providing training, the team integrated their global CI/CD development process.

We developed robust solutions to integrate insurance agents into the client's portal within a short time and seamlessly integrated it with IoT components.

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