Microsoft SharePoint Case-Study

Microsoft SharePoint Implementation for Consumer Health Services Platform to Automate workflows, Alerts, Email Notifications, Approval & Rejections through Emails and DocuSign Integration.

About the Client

The client, A Canadian provider of consumer health services platform, runs and maintains independent healthcare companies in North America. Their goal is to construct the largest interconnecting network in North America of standalone pharmacies and healthcare providers that are easily accessible, share data, and have a seamless integration, resulting in improved health outcomes and a consistent patient experience.


The consumer health service platform provider faced difficulties managing multiple stores for sales, inventory, and vendor management. The need for centralized access made operating activities and services for multiple stores challenging. Inventory management, stock adjustment, forecasting, and accounting across various stores were complex without a centralized system to collect and manage data. Using different Point of Sales systems made data consolidation a significant challenge, hindering financial activities. Distributed manual processes increased time and costs and made forecasting for stocks and services impossible due to distributed data.

Our SharePoint developers had to take into account the changing requirements of the clients during the course of the project.

Project Requirements

The healthcare platform provider aimed to adopt a comprehensive platform that met the medication therapy needs of its consumers in various settings: at retail locations, at home, and digitally. This required a robust, scalable, and user-friendly IT platform that integrates multiple systems and services to provide a seamless user experience. The client wanted a common platform to manage data, meet data compliances, approval automation, facilitate collaboration, streamline routine processes, provide remote access, and provide secure backup.

Microsoft SharePoint Solution

Suma Soft's Microsoft technology experts leveraged Microsoft SharePoint's capabilities in content management, document management, collaboration, and automation.

Automate Workflows Using SharePoint

By leveraging SharePoint, Suma Soft helped the organization streamline its work processes, improve efficiency, and increase productivity. The automation of workflows using SharePoint resulted in time-saving, reduced errors, and optimized operations, leading to improved overall performance.

SharePoint allows organizations to automate various workflows, including:

With Suma Soft’s expertise in SharePoint, companies can effectively automate their workflows and drive digital transformation in their organizations.

Alert Management

Suma Soft offered a sophisticated Email Notifications/Alert Management System using SharePoint that allows users to set up notifications or alerts for specific actions or changes. These alerts can notify users of new list items, document changes, or task due dates. This enables users to stay informed in real-time, without the need for constant monitoring. SharePoint alerts can be delivered via email or notification within the platform and can be customized. Suma Soft’s solutions cater to team members who need to keep track of changes and updates, facilitating seamless collaboration.

Email Notifications

Suma Soft’s SharePoint Email Notification Solution helps users stay informed and up-to-date with project and task changes. It allows for customization of email notifications, including the subject and body, and can be sent to individuals or groups immediately or as a daily/weekly digest. This solution reduces the need for manual checking, increasing efficiency and allowing for informed decision-making in a timely manner. Our custom SharePoint email notification solution can be customized to include specific information and formatting and can be delivered to one or multiple email addresses.

Approval & Rejection Through Emails

Suma Soft developed an Email-based Approval/Rejection solution using SharePoint. It automates approvals/rejections via email, integrates with SharePoint, streamlines processes, saves time, reduces errors, and delivers a seamless user experience. The solution allows users to manage their approvals directly from their email inbox without having to log in to SharePoint.

SharePoint & DocuSign Integration

The solution improves document management with SharePoint and DocuSign integration. It enables document signing processes to be initiated, managed, and tracked directly from SharePoint with signature storage and advanced reporting. The solution streamlines document management, improves collaboration, and increases efficiency and productivity by reducing paper signatures and manual tracking.

Microsoft SharePoint Features

Complete Finance & Accounting Module: Comprehensive suite of financial and accounting tools that cover all aspects of financial management, such as bookkeeping, payroll, budgeting, tax management, and reporting.

Expense Management: Tracks and manages expenses effectively by categorizing, approving, and reimbursing employee expenses.

Contract Management: Provides a centralized platform to store, manage, and track all contracts and agreements, ensuring that the consumer health platform complies with legal requirements and meets contractual obligations.

Purchasing Module: Streamlines the procurement process and automates purchasing activities, including purchase order creation, supplier management, and invoice processing.

SharePoint Integration with Data Warehouse: Allows the Organization to integrate its financial data with its data warehouse for better data analysis and reporting.

SharePoint Integration with Salesforce: Allows businesses to integrate their financial data with their Salesforce CRM for better customer relationship management and sales reporting.

SharePoint Integration with Work-Zoom: This Microsoft 365/SharePoint feature allows businesses to integrate their financial data with their Work-Zoom project management platform for better project cost tracking and reporting.

Multi-Tenancy Support: Enables businesses to host and manage multiple clients’ financial data on a single platform, providing a cost-effective solution for accounting firms and managed service providers.

Compliance with healthcare regulations: SharePoint meets the regulatory requirements for healthcare data privacy and security.

Integration with other Microsoft tools: SharePoint can be integrated with other Microsoft tools such as Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Office 365, improving the overall efficiency and functionality of the platform.

Secure document and data management: SharePoint offers secure storage and organization of sensitive health-related information.

Collaboration: SharePoint allows for real-time collaboration and sharing of information between employees and patients.

Customizable workflows: SharePoint can be customized to meet the client’s unique needs, streamlining processes and improving efficiency.

User-friendly interface: SharePoint offers an intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to access and share information.

The Result

Workflow automation with Microsoft SharePoint manages the approval process, tracks progress, and ensures that all necessary steps are taken promptly. Microsoft SharePoint's collaboration facilitated communication between employees and consumers, improving the overall experience for both parties. SharePoint's flexibility and customizability mean that the client can quickly adapt and evolve its platform as the needs of its consumers change over time. This will help the client maintain its position as a leading provider of consumer health service platform provider and continue to meet the needs of its users for years to come.

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