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combined expertise in building interoperable, scalable, and flexible applications for all industries.

As a leading App Development Company, we help organizations develop, manage, and modernize custom applications using the most recent technological breakthroughs with the help of our top application development services. With Suma Soft, you can work with experienced, competent, and skilled engineers to create apps using the newest technology stacks and tried-and-true application development methodologies. We build fully scalable, reliable, and functional applications at Suma Soft. We offer technological consultancy, development, testing, support, and maintenance as part of our application development services.

Incorporating AI, IoT, BigData & Cloud Computing are some of the hallmarks of our Application Development Services. Our engineers at Suma Soft are past masters in developing apps for iOS & Android platforms that deliver next-gen digital experiences. We have a large pool of application developers proficient in the most recent technology stack and incorporate “application development best practices” to make your organization future-ready.

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Types of Apps we Develop

Android App Development

We create unique Android apps with captivating user experiences to gain your customers. At Suma Soft, our developers always ensure a durable and flawless mobile experience, targeting Android with native, hybrid, and cross-platform development.

iOS App Development

Full stack iOS app development services with a large & experienced team of iOS app developers. Our iOS tech-stack includes suites & tools such as XCode, AppCode, CodeRunner, RxSwift, Mockingbird, CocoaPods, Applyzer, Alcatraz, Marvel, and others.

Native Application Development Services

Our engineers have proven expertise in developing Native Applications using Open Source frameworks for iOS & Android systems. Platform-specific apps are secure, efficient, interactive, and intuitive.

Hybrid Application Development Services

At Suma Soft App Development Company, we build scalable cross-platform applications that offer a rich experience in varied environments. Our cross-platform app development service reduces time-to-market and helps you reach broad users. 

Progressive Web Applications

Device-independent web applications that deliver consistent native-like user experience without any constraints. With PWAs, businesses can reduce the cost of user acquisition & increase cross-platform conversions.

UI/UX Design

We revamp consumer experiences on various digital platforms and online channels. Our UX/UI design specialists use the most recent user experience & interface (UX/UI) technologies, architectures, configurations, and other development best practices to add functionality to your bespoke app.

Open Source App Development

Our app developers use cutting-edge and open-source technologies to power web and mobile applications, ensuring that the final products are scalable, adaptable, maintainable, and affordable over their lifecycles.

Cloud App Development

We conceptualize, design, and create cutting-edge Cloud Applications with exceptional agility, performance, and interoperability while also providing IoT solutions, modernization of legacy apps, cloud-native architectures, microservices application architecture, migration to the cloud, and other services.

Customer Facing Apps

Businesses in all industries—manufacturing, financial services, insurance, education, government, etc.—can gain good returns on investment and increase customer loyalty by providing niche customer-facing apps.

Desktop Application Development

On computer hardware, desktop applications are locally executed. Desktop applications are created specifically to meet your unique company needs. Cross-platform application development is one of Suma Soft’s desktop application development services.

SaaS Application Development

We create SaaS applications using a cutting-edge and tested technological stack. We use a component-based development methodology to ensure code reuse and reduce development time and expense. Suma Soft enables you to create SaaS apps that are fast, dependable, scalable, and user-friendly.

Microsoft App Development

With application creation, modernization, and customization, Suma Soft’s application development services powered by Microsoft will transform the IT environment of your company and enable more outstanding performance. Using Microsoft Technologies, we create intelligent and agile mobile, online, and cloud applications.

Internal App Development

We design employee-facing apps with a wealth of solid and dependable features that track projects, statuses, people, tasks, and much more. Applications for internal use that include modules for internal workflows, communications, accounting, sales, and marketing, among other things.

Wide Range of Suma Soft’s DevOps Consulting Services

Our highly-experienced, certified DevOps consultants are all-set to recommend the right tool for the right job. We cover the complete DevOps lifecycle that includes,

Benefits of Partnering with Suma Soft’s

Get the right tools
We use industry-driving DevOps tools to identify improvements to your current processes. 

Expert Insight
Our DevOps consultants align with your team’s delivery needs with a powerful, seamless transition.

Tailor-Made Strategy
Our experts will give your team a custom design and implement successful DevOps practices to accomplish continuous delivery.

We adapt our DevOps consulting services as per enterprises’ team capacity or traditional gate-based operations.

Application Maintenance & Support

Applications of all kinds should be highly available, dependable, and pertinent to your ever-changing business demands, which calls for application support and maintenance services post-development. Maintenance & Support sustains any application after it has been developed. It entails continuously fixing, adjusting, and reevaluating the Application to look for bugs, improve them, and enhance its functionality.

Application Modernization

By updating their legacy application environment with no disturbance to everyday operations, firms can become “digital enterprises” with the help of Suma Soft’s No-Disruption Application Modernization services. We help businesses recalibrate their application environment to become impregnable, responsive, and robust.

API Integration

Our application developers are proficient in creating and integrating 3rd-party APIs with your existing Application. Our API Integration solutions enable data sharing and extend the capabilities of your Application.

Application Development Consulting

Our all-inclusive business consulting services for app development include:

Our Application Development Skills

Our expertise in a wide range of programming languages makes us a market leader in developing Mobile Apps, Hybrid Apps & Desktop Apps.



Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD Tools, AWS Developer Tools, Azure DevOps, Google Developer Tools


Front-End Programming Languages

HTML 5, Python, JAVA, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, React, Angular



.Net, JAVA, Python, Node.js, PHP


Mobile Technologies

Android, iOS, Xamarin, Cordova, PWA, React Native, Flutter


Desktop Applications

C#, C++, Python, Qt, Swift, OBJ-C



MS SQL Server, MySQL, Azure SQL DB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB



For your unique Application’s construction, we employ high-level frameworks like Python, Angular, Django, and node.js that support rapid application development and exquisite UX/UI design.



It takes excellent database design to create scalable, high-performance applications. In addition to improving data access performance, a good design achieves other benefits, such as maintaining data consistency, accuracy, and reliability and reducing storage space by eliminating redundancies.


Programming Tools

We leverage our expertise in open-source, cross-platform development tools like Xamarin. These tools provide a native user experience, use a single code-base, save development time, and simplify application maintenance.

Our Application Development Best Practices

Focus on User Experience: Business success relies heavily on user experience with web/mobile applications. Our Application development methodology focuses on immersive user experience.

Scalability: Our agile application development methodology incorporates scalable architecture that supports higher workloads without any fundamental changes to the Application.

Easy Collaboration: The cost and duration of developing applications will significantly decrease using a collaborative development strategy that enables distant teams to operate in parallel.

CI/CD – Our Application developers focus on meeting the business requirements while simultaneously ensuring code quality, Faster time to market, improved test reliability, reduced MTTR, and improved software security.

Testing: Before making the application live, rigorous quality assurance testing is done. Testing ensures that all facets of your application — including its functionality, integrations, performance, usability, and security — are fault-free and in complete accordance with its specifications.

Security: At the early stages of developing an application, we consider security, compliance, and automation. This minimizes vulnerabilities and lowers the amount of patchwork needed later in the lifecycle to secure applications.

Agile Application Development

Given our expertise in developing applications for a wide range of businesses, our developers swiftly incorporate your requirements into the Application — optimal utilization of the resources for fast delivery and cost reduction.

Technologies we use in our Application Development Services

Big Data – Cloud-based databases manage large volumes of unstructured data sets and boost your Application’s performance. Our Big Data expertise helps you gain insightful intelligence to get the most out of it.


IoT – We incorporate modular IoT architecture in our application development services to make your app future-ready. IoT facilitates the addition of new nodules for scaling up the Application. 


Machine Learning [ML] – AI-powered applications can use Machine Learning to learn from collected data and gradually increase their accuracy without manual coding. To create predictions and judgments based on data, machine learning algorithms search through enormous volumes of data for patterns.


AI-Empowered Apps – Utilizing AI enables you to develop customized apps that provide customers with a personalized experience and keep them engaged with your services or goods. AI-enabled applications handle routine business processes, cut down on human labor, and automate menial tasks. Owing to this automation, there are no potential errors and a high level of precision, which is crucial when working with data.

Application Development Architectures we Employ

Reactive Architecture

Applications created using a reactive architecture are more scalable, adaptable, and loosely linked. Because of this, they are more flexible and easy to design.


N-Tier Architecture 

The main advantage of a three-tier architecture is that each tier may be built concurrently by a different development team and can be updated or scaled as necessary without affecting the other tiers because each tier runs on its infrastructure.



An application development method that makes exclusive use of cloud-based features. Cloud-native apps tap the potential of many microservices operating in cloud ecosystems. Cloud-native apps tap the potential of many microservices running in cloud ecosystems.


Microservices Architecture

A cloud-native architectural approach known as microservices often has its technological stack, including a database and data management architecture, and can interface with other microservices via APIs. Apps are divided into parts depending on business operations to enable continuous deployment, guarantee excellent performance, and automate load management.

Business Verticals we Serve

App Development FAQs

Why choose Suma Soft for Application Development?

We have a 550+ strong team of programmers, developers, engineers & app developers proficient in all of the widely used programming languages, frameworks, databases, and development tools — QA cost reduction using the Integrated Manual and Automated Testing (IMAAT) technique. We have strategic alliances with Microsoft Azure and AWS. Projects get underway right away.

Our application development services incorporate best coding practices and documentation, a modular approach facilitating speedier application development, maintenance, and integration. Suma Soft’s App Development methodology aligns with your business goals, where customer-facing apps of today need to excel in speed, quality, and reliability. Our Agile methodology enables the development of multi-platform apps more quickly, efficiently, and with higher-quality results. Our engineering teams use current delivery techniques like DevOps, Test-Driven-Development & Behaviour-Driven-Development, and automation to create applications with zero technical debt.

Whether you need an application from the ground-up or help to modernize an underperforming application, we can jump in and develop solutions that give you options that are not available “off-the-shelf.” The rest will be handled by us, including implementing security, enabling auto-scaling, and dispersing your Application’s burden. Our app development engineers will delve deeply into your industry and your market. They will investigate your client’s demands and reconstruct the process flow through thorough business analysis. We will create a unique approach and help your business fully utilize the latest technology stack.

Why is Custom App Development better than Off-the-Shelf?

A feature not offered by off-the-shelf products is the ability to own the source code and maintain ownership of the product through custom app development. This enables your business to respond swiftly to shifting consumer demands, which may mean the difference between your app’s success and failure.

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