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Cloud-based Application Development

It aims to provide a balance between cloud-native and cloud-enabled solutions. This strategy involves leveraging cloud services to achieve high availability and scalability while minimizing the need for complete application redesign. By adopting a cloud-based approach, businesses of all sizes can benefit from streamlined digital operations and greater flexibility. This approach also enables developers, and IT teams to offload the responsibility of managing underlying resources such as servers, software development tools, and other infrastructure components.

Cloud-Native Application Development

We specialize in developing cloud-native applications designed from the inception to operate optimally in a public cloud environment, such as AWS, Azure, or GCP, by utilizing cloud-based technologies. Cloud-native applications rapidly scale and adapt to changes due to their microservice-based architecture, which allows for upgrading individual app components without causing disruptions to other areas of the system. Cloud-native applications offer faster deployment times and are cost-effective as the provider manages the licensing and storage costs.

Cloud-Enabled Development

Want to host legacy applications in a cloud VM environment? we can help. We help Organizations integrate & migrate on-prem monolithic applications to the cloud environment and configure it for optimal performance. We evaluate the existing legacy application and determine its suitability for cloud migration. This assessment involves understanding the Application’s development architecture, dependencies, performance, and security requirements. Based on this evaluation, we decide whether to re-architect the Application, refactor it, or lift-and-shift it to the cloud.

Cloud Application Development Process

Our cloud application development process involves several steps, including planning, architecture, development, testing, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance, each crucial to creating a successful application.
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Features of our Cloud App Development Service

Suma Soft’s Cloud Application Development offers a comprehensive range of advanced features for modern cloud computing, including:
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Our Domain Expertise

Our development team has proven expertise, experience and knowledge in creating cloud applications tailored for specific industries. We understand the requirements, problems, and business processes pertaining to a particular domain and develop solutions that are optimized for that domain. This domain-specific approach enables our team to create cloud applications that are more efficient & effective, improving user experience and engagement. By leveraging our experience in developing cloud applications for specific industries or domains, the team can provide clients with customized solutions resulting in higher satisfaction and success.
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • e-Commerce
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Transportation & Logistics

Cloud Application Development Technology Expertise

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