BPO Services for Mortgage Company

Suma Soft's BPO Services Boost Customer Satisfaction For A Mortgage Lending Company In the USA

Client’s Background

The client is a leading full-service mortgage lender in the USA. Their firm offers a range of products and services to an ever-growing number of customers and is renowned for its faster and efficient approval processes.

Project Requirements

It is a highly competitive market for any Mortgage Services Provider because the customer is spoilt for choice. There are numerous mortgage providers one can choose from. And, thus, our Mortgage Services Provider faced these two primary issues:

Business Process Enhancement:

To retain the customer’s trust, our client needed to provide a superior mortgage process and offer an exceptional customer experience. Hence, processing mortgage applications filed by the customers quickly and accurately is of utmost importance.

Maintaining Competitive Edge:

he in-house back-office mortgage processing team was required to process mortgage loans within the industry, leading to quick turn-around time. But also manage a surge in the number of applications during high peak periods.

Keeping this in view, our client felt the need to improve its end-to-end process and service delivery standards.

The Major Loan Process Steps which needed improvements:


Suma Soft put in place a scalable processing team consisting of experienced associates with extensive training on the US mortgage processing. The flexible stang plan was tailored to meet the seasonal peaks with buer cross-trained sta that was always available to meet any peak-load or seasonal load. The process focus and quality systems implemented at Suma Soft resulted in meeting client SLAs for turn-around time and quality. Suma Soft provided a flexible stang model to meet business goals. The key business processes implemented for the client were...

Reviewing of loan documents such as 1003 & 1008, W2s, pay stubs, GFE, TIL etc. and ensuring that all necessary documentation has been completed and made available in the loan file as required by the loan program, state and federal regulations.
Collection of supporting documents such as bank statements, escrow documents, divorce decrees, child support documents, etc. to satisfy underwriting conditions. Ordering homeowner insurance, flood certificate/insurance, VA and FHA case numbers as per the requirements of the loan.
Doing accurate and detailed credit check of the borrower, obtaining credit reports and checking credit history, looking for existing loans & mortgages (with MERS), any payment defaults and other relevant credit information.
Contacting approved and licensed appraisers and ordering the appropriate kind of appraisal based on property location and property type.
Verification of the borrower’s credentials, by performing exhaustive verification checks on all submitted documentation, as well as for employment (VoE), mortgages (VoM), deposit (VoD).

The off-shore BPO delivery team enhanced and magnified the required speed and cost-effective results for the client.

Notable Growth Indicators:

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