Level1 and Level2 Support Services

Suma Soft delivered trustworthy level1 and level2 support services to a subscriber management software

Client’s Background

The client is a leading provider of real-time end-to-end monetization and subscriber management software solutions that enable network operators and service providers to deliver innovative and truly differentiated customer service experiences for their growing customer base. They have world-class expertise and a well-experienced dedicated team to help service providers derive the highest possible business benefits from deployed BSS platforms and infrastructure. Furthermore, they have provided services with value-added functionality to more than 250 telecom service providers globally, including Idea, Vodafone in India and Europe, Digicel group of the Caribbean islands, and many more.

Project Requirements

The client’s business was growing rapidly with the increase in customer base. Thus, they were looking for a trusted support partner with consistent service delivery capabilities to meet their unique business needs.

The client faced the below business challenges


Suma Soft provided a proficient ticketing help-desk that included Level 1 as well Level 2 Support. We worked as a bridge between Level 1 and Level 2 Support to handle nearly 500 critical queries in a month. Furthermore, we improved response time by about 50% with scalable Support during the holiday and peak period and reduced the Total Cost of Operations (TCO) by 70%

Business Benefits Delivered

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