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Suma Soft Aids a Leading Mortgage Firm with Accurate & Timely Post-Closing Audits

Client’s Background

The client is one of the fastest-growing mortgage lenders, with a year-on-year growth of 20% for the last five years. They have revolutionized the process of mortgage lending with their innovative ideas and processes.

Project Requirements

With the client’s Mortgage business growing in leaps and bounds, the company was facing a complex challenge in one of its critical Business Processes. This was the -- “closing and post-closing part of the Mortgage loan origination cycle.” Following were the significant issues obstructing a smooth Mortgage loan process...


To tackle the auditing challenge, we set up a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who monitored the loan-auditing process. The team initiated measures to ensure a timely, thorough process of funding the loans.

A process was established to

Business Outcome

Within the designated timeline, Suma Soft produced a new module for effective post-closing Mortgage loan auditing. This helped the Mortgage client to achieve…

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