Leading Magazine Brand in USA

Orchestrated Customer satisfaction for a leading magazine brand in USA.

Client’s Background

The client is a leading American news magazine brand. They are popular for publishing concise and well-organized digital and print magazines in the United States and the rest of the world. They have an ever-growing number of customers and are renowned for their summarizing information on important subjects.

Project Requirements

Our client needed to provide superior back-office support and wanted to offer exceptional customer experience to retain their customer's trust. Hence, order management filled by the customers should be processed quickly and accurately.

Furthermore, back-office support was needed to speed up the billing process and consider exception handling to reduce turn-around time. It was also required to manage a surge in the number of orders during high peak periods.


Suma Soft put in place a scalable Subscription Management support team consisting of experienced associates with extensive training on order management. The flexible staffing plan was tailored to meet the seasonal peaks with buffer cross-trained staff who were always available to meet any peak-load or seasonal load. The process-focused and quality systems implemented at Suma Soft resulted in meeting client SLAs for quick turn-around time and quality. Suma Soft provided a flexible staffing model to meet client’s business goals.

The critical business processes implemented for the client were

Subscription Order Management

This includes new orders and renewals of subscriptions. Also, we handled cancellations and modifications to the existing subscriptions along with the update of the subscription period and the premiums linked with the orders. Subscriptions are managed for various titles and other Publishers based out of the US and Canada.

Check Processing

It is one of the critical processes as it deals with subscriber's money. The payments received in the form of checks from the US and Canadian subscribers are processed with accuracy. These values then reflect against the orders and enable the agents to take necessary action for the paid subscriptions.

Exception Handling

Certain orders or requests that do not follow the standard norm need special handling. These requests are routed to the Exception queue. The proposal was thoroughly reviewed and understood by the team in detail. Based on the analysis, our team took appropriate action to process the request.


The offshore BPM delivery team enhanced and magnified the required speed and cost-effective results for the client.

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