Real-time Transportation

Suma Soft Developed a Backend System for Real-time Transportation Schedule and Live Traffic Maps for a Well Known USA Based Software Solution Provider

Client’s Background

Our client is a leading software solution firm based in the USA. They provide turnkey visitor management solutions for private facilities in healthcare, corporate offices, universities, libraries, and various government facilities across the USA.

Project Requirements

The client was spending a high cost on ordering strips and installing new strips. Moreover, with manual intervention, one has to wait for a long time to get the stripes printed as the person has to walk down to the lobby to reorganize and install new strips. The manual system's shortcomings were affecting business growth; however, automating the building directory could help solve this issue. Thus, the client consulted Suma Soft to develop a system that could provide the real-time transportation schedule and live traffic maps.


Our IT team undertook the task of backend development of the system. Our developers used Google General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) technology for the development. The field data of transportation providers within the USA and European region varied significantly.

Aggregating the data from different transport providers and mapping it according to the desired UI was a significant challenge. Our developers overcame this challenge quickly and developed a system that provides a unified/consolidated view of data across multiple transport providers.

Technology Used MVC, C#, Web API 2.0, JSON, GTFS, GTFS RT, Azure Serverless Programming, Azure Functions, Azure Queues, Framework 4.6

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