Performance Testing

Performance Testing for Vehicle Valuation Web Portal

Client’s Background

The client offers well-researched, scientific & insightful inferences that lead to vehicle price discovery. Their web portal helps customers in buying or selling a vehicle after determining its real worth. Through various transactions on the different customer-facing and B2B channels, the software’s analytical engine logically reduces a pricing index that is used to derive the benchmark market price of any vehicle.

The web portal had the following primary modules

Project Requirements

In the highly competitive e-commerce industry, website portals and their efficient functionality affect business growth. Our client’s portal was unable to handle a high number of concurrent users, needed to test execution in a particular time frame of the day, lack in analyzing server and database side monitoring, and require distributed mechanism on AWS server. The Issues came while scripting because of the technology used for developing sites like Ajax controls, JSON, etc.

The Portal Needs To Be Tested For


Our testing experts finalized scenarios and distributed no. of concurrent users as per users’ visit to the site. To use the distributed mechanism on the AWS server, we created a master-slave combination of different IPs. We took Access and Error logs, CPU utilization of server /database, and checked DB connections count for monitoring. The data-driven framework, regular expressions, and timers were used while scripting so that the exact scenario was achieved. At the same time, monitoring of Jmeter results, server and database parameters was done. We successfully identified scenarios that responded slowly because of code complexity.

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