There is no substitute to Hard Work

There is nothing you can’t achieve if you put your mind to it. Narendra was starlit by how hacking works. Since then he made his endeavour to learn, find vulnerabilities and educate others on ethical hacking. He started his bug bounty journey in 2013 soon enough he excelled in identifying product and system vulnerabilities for big firms in IT & Software such as Apple, Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Microsoft, Twitter & Paytm to name a few. He has had a continuous spree of winning and has been awarded numerously. His recent win has been a total of $25000 from Apple Inc. for identifying and reporting a critical security issue in Apple’s product/infrastructure. Internet Giant Google also awarded him $5000 recently for identifying a vulnerability in Google Chrome Browser.

So how does he do it? He is passionate and takes hacking very seriously. In his “Me time” at home or during office breaks you would always find him reading/watching technical hacking blogs or downloading a new app or mobile feature to practice his hacking skills. This has reduced his turn around time from 15 days to identify and provide a resolution to now 30 minutes on an average, to find the security loophole. He identified one of the issue in 5 minutes. Now that’s an example of a practice that makes you perfect. Being curious and dedicated keeps him happily busy in taking on new challenges.

We are proud of his accomplishments and wish him to be unstoppable. Catch up on his interviews on NDTV Gadget360 & Zenger News USA

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