Technical Support Solution

Suma Soft provides excellent Technical Support Solution to an LTL Freight provider in Canada & USA

Client’s Background

The client is a provider of LTL Online Freight Services in Canada and USA. They deal in LTL shipping and supply chain management. They also provide the fundamentals including a user-friendly front-end interface that enables customers to process, track and dispatch shipments. The company maintains an edge over the competition by driving continuous improvement initiatives, system enhancements and unparalleled customer service.

Project Requirements

TThe client’s business grew rapidly resulting in unprecedented growth in the number ofrates and shipments requests. With the increase in customer base and the need for building infrastructure that can accommodate heavy loads, the client needed to expand their existing infrastructure and enhance customer satisfaction. The Client was interested in finding a trusted support partner with consistent service delivery capabilities to meet their unique needs.

Business Areas of Concerns


Suma Soft deployed a highly skilled team for technical support in the areas of installation, configuration and troubleshooting. A scalable and flexible infrastructure delivered support in peak season. Suma Soft also helped set up a dedicated and secure operation’s environment equipped with adequate infrastructure. A fully-trained team of support engineers was put in place to handle all types of queries and requests made by client.

Advantages of Suma Soft’s System

Perimeter Services

Our Perimeter services enhanced security by removing security threats from the client’s secure network and data. Furthermore, it protected the external interface’s direct contact with the internal interface to ensure safety and security.

Open Source Load Balancer

The Database servers in replication ensure integrity and high availability of the database. We used industries’ best practices to provide efficient database support.

By keeping in mind various database designs, our quality tuning services like the tuning of memory parameters, shared pool, table-spaces, tables, indexes, rollback segments, data file, etc. offered proactive long-term and short-term solutions to protect operations through challenging levels.

Backup Environment

The backup environment ensured the high availability of clients’ services through a 24×7 support team. Due to solid backup, we solved the risk of data loss.

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