Top 4 Critical things to look for in a Software Development company

What are the top 4 things to look for in a reliable software development company? Does your software development provider have these already? Or are you missing out on any?

Here’s a detailed account of what are those top 4 things required to make sure your software development is not only cost-effective but also has a unique competitive edge.

Rise & Rise of Software Development Outsourcing..
In 2016, companies including IBM, Accenture and HP set records by renewing their software outsourcing contracts! According to Economic Times, $116 billion worth of IT outsourcing contracts are up for renewal in 2017. Due to this demand and ever-increasing competition, Software development companies are striving to deliver value beyond cost reduction. They now moving towards innovative Research and Development services to create new opportunities. The agile approach to software development is quickly evolving. Evidently, outsourcing software development is a never-ending trend; hence there are certain things that you as a business leader should check before outsourcing to a service provider.

4 Critical things to check before outsourcing to a Software Development Company …

Scrutinize the Technical Skills & Expertise
Always gather substantial information about the company such as – How skilled are the developers? What level of programming knowledge do they possess? What are their portfolios? Does the company have any experience in working in the same domain as yours? Most importantly, whether the company allows direct communication with developers for the ease of decoding?
Make Sure its Value for Money! 
It is very important for businesses like yours to analyze before investing in organizations, to ensure increase of 2x in ROI. Always make sure that the service provider is transparent with the costing. Companies should not compromise on the quality of the software’s for low prices. Always check for the hidden and additional costs.
Benchmarked Certifications & Trust Factors
Before outsourcing the software development projects to a service provider, check the client’s reviews and testimonials with current and previous clients. Feel free to ask for Case Studies and success stories. Testimonials or references by previous clients can give enterprises a clearer view about the service provider’s reputation.
Scalability & Flexibility of Resources
Meeting your business need should be the first priority of the service provider. Companies following locked-in contracts has fixed number of developers in the team and do not change the scale if required during SDLC. Locked-in contracts limit flexibility. Service providers without locked-in, can change the size of the team as per the client’s demand. They must be flexible and not be rigid. Hence always opt for time and material projects.
After conducting a thorough research with the help of above given points, enterprises can also ask to get on a risk-free trial with the service providers.

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