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Transforming Company Processes Digitally

Using the ServiceNow platform, Suma Soft has been helping enterprises boost overall productivity, enable anyone to code easier and develop faster, resolve issues more quickly, and automate tasks with Intelligence. Suma Soft provides release and upgrades management, advanced development, technical guidance, support, and maintenance. Outsourcing ServiceNow services to Suma Soft will enable you to focus on core business functions.

ServiceNow managed services provided by Suma Soft let you take benefits of the ServiceNow platform and assist you in managing all your requirements. We ensure fast deployment, complete built-in data back-up, and the ability to migrate from any source. With our unique, multi-instance design features, you’ll be able to absolutely customize cloud services and perform upgrades on your own schedule.

Suma Soft’s ServiceNow Offering

Consulting and Implementation Services

We offer world-class ServiceNow consulting and implementation services to help organizations achieve maximum benefits from the ServiceNow Platform in the shortest time. As a global ServiceNow solution provider, we helped many customers transform their enterprises’ service management and eliminated service bottlenecks in their business functions.

If you’re facing a ServiceNow challenge and have absolutely no idea how to solve it, we’re here to use our ServiceNow savvy to help you. Once we find a way to address your challenge, we’ll proceed with its implementation.

Process Automation To Enable Innovation – ITOM

The technology industry is rapidly growing. To stay relevant, we help tech companies be agile enough to innovate while also managing their existing product or service offerings. ServiceNow’s cloud-based platform allows companies to automate internal processes across every department – empowering teams to drive innovation and get more done. Suma Soft provided ServiceNow strategy and managed services that enable companies to maximize the value of ServiceNow Enterprise across all business areas.

We specialize in implementing the following features:

  • Discovery: To spare your IT service agents from manual data entry while populating the CMDB.
  • Service Mapping: Service Mapping is an advanced form of Discovery that automatically builds complex maps of interdependent configuration items based on business services.
  • Event Management: ServiceNow Event Management continuously monitors all activities within your IT infrastructure and warns the IT team of any identified failure.
  • Cloud Management: ServiceNow Cloud Management is used to provision and manage these resources optimally.
  • Orchestration: ServiceNow Orchestration allows building workflows to automate manual tasks across your IT infrastructure.
  • Operational Intelligence: Analyzing service health data, operational Intelligence recognizes anomalies in your IT infrastructure, prioritizes them, and notifies the IT team.

Seamless Onboarding & HR Service Delivery – HRSD

As a crucial process that affects employee retention and engagement, onboarding process improvement should be your top business priority. Get your employees quickly started with automated tasks, checklists, and services. Guide the entire process with improved visibility through intuitive dashboards and transform other HR tasks with automation solutions for offboarding, requests, leave of absences, and transfers.

Eliminate repetitive, manual tasks performed by HR teams, helping HR teams to focus on higher-value tasks that meaningfully drive self-service improvements to the user experience.

For ServiceNow HRSD, we specialize in implementation services for each of the following product areas:

  • Employee & HR Portal: We use best practices in UI/UX design to enhance the HR service portal experience.
  • HR Case and Knowledge Management: Structured Shared Services for employee interactions, Secure HR Service Delivery model, Omni-channel interaction layer via phone, e-mail, portal. Live chat. virtual agent, mobile
    Enterprise Onboarding & Transitions: Rapid deployment of lifecycle events such as Onboarding, Coordinated enterprise-wide activities, and visibility for employees, HR.
  • Employee Document Management: Central single location for accessing and storing employee documents or files
  • PA HR Reports: HR service scorecards Trend analysis for continual improvement.
  • Virtual Agent & AI: Simple conversational interface Accessible within multiple channels

Modernize The Customer Experience – CSM

Your customers can drive your business growth. Offer them an improved experience with centralized knowledge bases, self-service portals, and direct access to community experts. Improve overall customer satisfaction while reducing labor and error costs with user-friendly customer service management solutions.

For CSM, we specialize in:

  • Agent Workspace
  • Case management
  • Omni-channel
  • Visual Workflow and Automation
  • Knowledge
  • Major Issue management
  • Communities
  • Visual task Assignment
  • Surveys
  • Reports and Dashboard
  • Predictive Intelligence
  • Performance Analytics
  • Virtual Agent

Predict & Proactively Resolve IT Issues – ITSM

Suma Soft helps you leverage machine learning, root cause analysis, and ServiceNow’s intelligence engine to proactively rectify issues and alert the appropriate IT staff. Adopt a collaborative approach to security operations and incident response in order to combat issues and prevent breaches in IT security. ServiceNow’s IT Security Operations applications offer reliable security circles that enable your company to share crucial threat information. Your IT staff can quickly gather additional data from trusted sources and share it anonymously to accelerate incident resolution while safeguarding sensitive company data.

Our team specializes in implementing the following features.

  • Incident Management
  • Performance Analytics
  • Reports Dashboards
  • Problem management
  • Change Management
  • Release Management
  • Request Management
  • Configuration management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Asset and Cost management
  • Survey and Assessments
  • Virtual Agent
  • Agent Workspace
  • Benchmarks
  • Agent Intelligence
  • Walkup Experience

Utilize Intelligent Automation Tools – ITBM

ServiceNow’s AI engine utilizes data to prioritize and route tasks across the enterprise, making cross-department collaboration and communication easier and more fluid. The Intelligent Automation Engine integrates with individual business area solutions to offer performance predictions and service benchmarks. The AI Engine additionally identifies problems that are causing larger issues. With Suma Soft’s customizable ServiceNow dashboards, you can get improved visibility into each department’s performance while also helping management use data for strategic planning and resource allocation.

Suma soft help clients implement the full ServiceNow ITBM suited for their initial implementation, including implementing the below features.

  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM): We bring visibility into all demand, resources, and project portfolios using PPM.
  • Application Portfolio Management (APM): By utilizing CMDB and discovery processes, we can offer you a complete picture of your application portfolio.
  • IT Financial Management (ITFM): We can help you with financial planning, financial modeling, and financial charging.
  • Team Founder Server (TFS) Integration: Utilizing TFS integration to increase view. It is a Microsoft product that offers source code management such as Git or Team Foundation Version Control. It includes the entire application lifecycle and enables DevOp capabilities through reporting, automated builds, and lab and test management.

ServiceNow Security Operations – SecOps

Security Operations solution bridges the gap between security and IT to help you quickly detect, map and resolve threats before it causes havoc in your infrastructure. Utilizing ServiceNow’s intelligent workflows and automation capabilities, we can help you improve your security response time and efficiency. Vulnerability response, security incident response, and threat intelligence modules can help you automatically identify and prioritize incidents to act as and when needed and avoid any service disruptions or potential failures.

Our SecOps implementation approach will begin with a consultation phase where our SecOps experts and ServiceNow consultants will analyze your infrastructure and offer solutions to meet the particular needs of your environment. Throughout the implementation phase, our SecOps experts will be a part of the project and ensure that the security needs are met, and the client will be fortified all the time.

Ongoing Improvements

Optimizing IT services is a long-lasting process. To improve your IT services more efficiently, we will help you find and eliminate flaws on a constant basis. We do it like this:

  • Identifying a flaw in your ServiceNow
  • Designing and implementing a detailed solution
  • Juxtaposing actual results with expectations
  • Staying tuned, if you have any other problems

ServiceNow Challenges We Solve

Complexity in aligning ServiceNow with your organization’s needs

Out-of-the-box and exceptional ServiceNow functionality will barely be able to meet your organization’s requirements. Carefully tailoring its rich functionality to your organization’s policies and processes is a complex task. It demands in-depth knowledge of the platform and broad experience in aligning it to the needs of a specific enterprise, which Suma Soft proves skillful in.

Risks of low return on fundamental investment

Although ServiceNow is a powerful tool that can reduce expenses and optimize your IT processes and infrastructure, there’s still a chance that substantial investment into the system won’t pay off. To make sure that ServiceNow’s effect on your business will be worth the invested money, Suma Soft can guide your organization through every step of the way and help you maximize the benefits ServiceNow brings.

Perplexities in deciding between exceptional functionality and deep customization

It can be tough sometimes to find the right balance between utilizing out-of-the-box functionality and choosing deep customization. Suma Soft can help determine what exactly your company needs and implement any configuration or customization required.

Our ServiceNow Consultancy Process

Product Assessment and Evaluation

Our ServiceNow consultants analyze and evaluate your organization’s needs to create a solid roadmap for ServiceNow implementation. Having a rich industrial experience, our experts use their technical skills and knowledge to evaluate your business needs before making any decision.

ServiceNow Implementation

Our ServiceNow technical consultants build custom workflows, service catalogs, forms, reports, and many more to enable you to efficiently upgrade or migrate your existing business processes on the digitally paramount ServiceNow platform and create a smarter way to operate your business.

ServiceNow Integration

We’ll seamlessly integrate ServiceNow applications with your legacy systems, Intranets, SharePoint, Open Source systems, dashboards, BI tools, and other third party systems to automate your operational workflows and extend the unparallel capabilities of the ServiceNow platform to your organization

Optimization Services

Our experts will additionally perform regular health checks and updates to eliminate redundancies, errors, and bugs for best performance

ServiceNow Support

Our in-house certified engineers for ServiceNow provide round-the-clock technical support to help you maximize the efficiency of your platform and ensure optimal growth and performance.

Why Choose Suma Soft’s ServiceNow Consulting Services


With our streamlined processes, you can eliminate dependency on manual tasks and spend more time on strategic business activities and development.

Automated Solution

We’ll help you automate your services and applications both inside and out of the ServiceNow environment to enhance the speed of service while ensuring the best quality and strict adherence to all compliances and governance.

Quick turn-around time

Our rapid deployment process will help you in accelerating success.

Hassle-Free Support and Solutions

Our ServiceNow technical consultants offer comprehensive help and support to unify your disparate processes, services, and solutions, on a single ServiceNow platform for hassle-free functioning and performance. Our experts are capable of helping you with any complex needs and seamlessly integrate the ServiceNow platform into your current system.

Customized Services

We have a colossal of predefined services to select from. Depending upon your company’s needs, we customize our services and solutions to align with your business goals flawlessly so that you spend minimum time on IT administration and more on boosting your business productivity.

Complete Peace of Mind

Just let us know your business goals and sit back and relax. We’ll automate, upgrade, and collaborate all your business processes and functions according to the ServiceNow platform to bring top-notch clarity and functionality to your business and IT processes.

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