Security Testing Services

Suma Soft provides expert security testing services for global enterprises. Our security testing services identify, resolve and reduce network attacks and maintain Security Compliance. Using latest security threat intelligence solutions, we have developed efficient security programs at Suma Soft that protect your organization’s safety.

Whether responding to a data security incident, forming compliant policies or guiding the development of a comprehensive security strategy, Suma Soft has the certified and talented workforce to deliver Security Testing Services to companies of all sizes.

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Our Comprehensive Range

Our security testing services encompass IT Risk assessment, IT Risk analysis, Intrusion Detection, Anti-virus and Malware protection, SPAM and web filters and Firewalls.

Compliance Maintenance

Suma Soft’s end-to-end security testing services help client company deploy a solution that integrates with your existing network infrastructure and intrusion detection solutions thereby improves your business scalability.

Agile Assessment

Security testing services for USA and India assist your organization to assess internal security policies that help identify risks and provide actionable remediation.

1. Mitigates security Threats
Suma Soft’s security testing services enable enterprises to address all kinds of IT security threats and scale up business operations to provide optimal results in less turn around time (TAT).

2. Proactive approach
Working under a comprehensive security strategy, our security testing services proactively address security issues before they get exploited and attack the IT network system of your company.

3. Efficient Management
Optimizing security efforts we improve the productivity of your business so that you efficiently manage and maintain your business and earn a high ROI.

Suma Soft offers security consulting for IT with a holistic risk-driven approach and aims at improving agility, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Our SaaS (security as a service) offerings streamline client’s delivery mechanism by providing cyber security and efficient anti-virus and malware protection.
The industries that we currently serve are:

The demand of protecting businesses from ever changing security threats drives organizations to focus on security and privacy issues that helps keep the IT system intact. Assisting companies to protect their information is the business essential of Suma Soft’s security consulting services. Suma Soft recognizes that companies of all sizes require security measures to maintain a risk-free, state-of-the-art infrastructure. Therefore, through customized security consulting services, Suma Soft protects your information assets and allows you grow your business exponentially.

If you want to read more about Suma Soft’s Security Consulting and Implementation Services for USA and India, click on the links below:

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